Have we become what we despise so much?

by Tenacious 75 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    The fact that your able to (and not afraid to) state your critical view of this online community is part of the answer.

    The fact that answers (while maybe disagreeing with your position) are respectful to you, and the willingness to discuss openly, without you being called in the back room and forced to repent and shut up, are another part of the answer.

    There may be firm disagreements (with maybe less respectful wordings?) sometimes between atheist and christian exJWs. But the same happens on many discussions between Christian and atheist, regardless of their former affiliation.

  • Xanthippe

    Have we become what we despise so much?

    I don't know about you Tenacious but I don't despise anyone. I'm a very sensitive person and I'm easily hurt but I have to say I've become stronger by having to defend my ideas on this forum. You know what, sometimes now it's fun!

  • SecretSlaveClass
    I don't (or rarely) despise people but I do despise unsubstantiated nonsense. And for me, nothing is worse than someone who pontificates a confusing, silly ideology or philosophy with whimsical farce. I am by far one of the least of the brightest members on this forum but I do understand the concept of debate and its penchant for inviting ironic and sarcastic candor. This I think has little to do with being smart but everything to do with understanding what it is to be an adult with self confidence and the willingness to be held under honest scrutiny for the best of one's own benefit.
  • DJS

    Ditto to SecretSlaveClass,

    We were trapped in the Dark Tower in large part due to the confirmationally biased nonsense we swallowed for a long time. All of us should immediately resist such biased nonsense, regardless of the topic, when it is presented as factual evidence and as certitudes or platitudes in definitive statements.

    The responsibility is on the one making the OP or the comment to understand that any topic can and should be viewed as a potential debate, wherein there are only two valid tactics: 1. Facts/evidence; and 2. An appropriate analysis/evaluation of the evidence presented.

    That's it. Anything else is a debating strategy that is designed to 'win' or influence others while not being based on either facts or correct application of the facts.

    There are so many on this site that are literally addicted to their certitudes, platitudes and confirmation bias that I'm surprised they had the intelligence to exit the Dark Tower. Spreading that infection on this site, whether it is about religion, the environment or anything else, should be met with immediate resistance, and we should demand actual facts and evidence from the most empirical sources possible.

    And to this point, many of us are tiring of having to do the research and present the data in response to very bad confirmationally biased, emotionally driven crap from those seeking to spread their infections.

  • jookbeard

    speak for yourself, I like to think I've become the very opposite of what we allegedly despise and your blatant generalization is both judgemental and ill founded, I bet you don not know one single person on this forum personally, perhaps do some more searching. I've never felt hatred or feel I despise the religion of my birth, I feel far more empathy to the victims of the cult, bear in mind I've been yelled at, told I'm possessed, had my mental health questioned, shunned and suffered a marriage break up,excluded from attending my own mothers funeral, yet I still speak to them politely and courteously, quite and achievement I'd say.

  • DJS


    This is an example of a specious OP; it sounds good on the surface but when analyzed it doesn't hold up. First of all, the walking wounded (and we were all like that) ARE treated with amazing kindness and deference when they arrive and for as long as they show they need such tenderness.

    I have not seen anyone do otherwise. That is far different than someone who begins either preaching and proselytizing to us or who attempts to influence everyone with their hysterical, emotional, erroneous or delusional opinions over matters they typically know absolutely nothing about, other than what they have read on their biased sites or have heard from their cherished former playboy bunny (I'm not knocking that as I used to work for them, protecting people such as Ms. Mcarthy) or talking FoxNews head.

    There shouldn't be ANY place for that on this site; it is what we escaped from. Everyone of us should respect debating protocols, the topic, ourselves, the other posters and foremost the lurkers amongst us to make sure we do not intentionally and narcissistically or egotistically spread our personal infection.

    Respectfully present such biased views as your opinion, one open for discussion and alternate views. That is the appropriate thing to do. Otherwise, you get what you deserve.

  • Ucantnome
    I don't think that I despise anything. I just post here sometimes
  • sowhatnow

    lol, perhaps old habits resurface,

    I mean, Ive been honored by DJS, a few times,

    'I am anointing you the Queen of Reactionary and the Goddess of Hysteria. You are the vice mayor of the twin villages Certitude and Platitude.

    and labled...

    'So you are also an End of Time nutjob, huh?'

    but then in the end, so proud ,lol

    You did research!! I am sooo proud of you.'

    and nathan natas and cappytan have joined him on occasion,,lol

    I have my own fan club apparently,lol.

    Now once again,

    Again, the queen of clean, goes off to battle against the 'bacteria' that inhabit our world....


  • DJS


    I am your biggest fan. We all learn from one another; the smart ones amongst us learn quietly and silently. And from others' mistakes.

    Before coming on this site, I learned valuable lessons from what had trapped me in the Dark Tower. Teaching at two colleges helped solidify that; say something biased or not supported in class and you will hear about it immediately from students and perhaps later from administration. I exhausted gallons of red ink on students' papers that were replete with opinions, certititudes and definitive statements which were unsupported by empirical data. The problem is widespread.

    Very shortly after joining this wonderful site (thank you Simon), I learned another valuable lesson; don't tug on Cofty's cape.

  • brandnew

    If you child fell in a pool, and started to drown......would you not be happy, when you pulled he, or she out and revived them?

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