Would human settlement of Mars invalidate Bible prophecy?

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  • waton

    "- Jews look forward toward the Messianic era or the World to Come,

    DJ, Mars the god of war apart, can you elaborate on that please? I never got a detailed discussion with the impressive gentlemen that replied to me with that in his house in the d2d work.

  • LongHairGal


    ....and the space brother had a tie on over his spacesuit. Very good OUTLAW.

  • rebel8

    wt teachings, like all other religions, have their own ever-evolving fan fiction based loosely on the bible.

    Whenever anything disproves the bible, a handful of fans wake up and the rest just reinvent their mythology.

    This has already happened, time and again.

  • David_Jay


    While originally a hope that the Davidic dynasty would be revived after the fall of Babylon, the Messianic concept developed as a sort of response to the Seleucid period, the events of which lead to a new dynasty in the Hasmoneans.

    While the Maccabees did restore liberty of worship to Jerusalem, the ideal peace spoken of by Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah, and Zechariah that would come via David's dynasty (and perhaps run concurrent with the eschatological Olam Haba or the World to Come) did not develop once the Temple was re-dedicated (the first Chanukah).

    Enter the Gemara and the Midrash, rabbinical commentary that would introduce the Jewish tradition of an individual known as "the Messiah." While originally seen as a ruler who would redeem Israel, unlike the Christian concept of "redemption from sin," Jewish redemption is the concept of liberating all Jews to return to Israel to live as freemen. Once seen as a single person, eventually the Messiahship was divided into two personages, a king in David's line and a priestly Messiah.

    With the arrival of Jesus of Nazareth and Shimon Bar Kokhba on the world scene, the Messiah concept got further divided. It became solidified in Jesus by Christians who claimed that the Messiah concept was central to the Jews, and fluid after the Bar Kokhba revolt ended in Rome banishing all Jews from Israel.

    While the Messiah is still not central to Judaism, the concept remains fluid for Jews, with no uniform theology. For some Jews there is still an expectation for an individual figure in the line of David who will being this redemption about.

    Since monarchies have been rejected by most of modern society, some Jews see the Messiah as a concept personified. With the return of all Israel to its native soil, all humanity will "acknowledge God," and peace will reign everywhere. Whether this will involve a religious experience and any supernatural occurrences is still a matter of debate. It is also not agreed upon that any of this has a connection with Olam Haba. The Messianic concept is also still not central to all Judaism to the point that not all Jews today embrace it.

  • waton

    DJ: thank you: This was one of my dignified experiences in the "ministry". what the gentlemen explained was that he believed not in a personal messiah, but in the messianic age, where jews however would play a major contributing role, which i took for a scientific one. So my question was more about the future of that concept, rather than how an idea could morph from a person to an epoch with many players. This is human, and

    colonizing Mars would strip the Pilgrims of much of that humanity ( humus from earth's soil,) Would those born on Mars be homesick for that bleak landscape like we are to the "Jerusalems" of our youths?

  • waton

    one another You need stepping stones before you take a loooong trip like that.

    VI: --This was the big conceptual divide in the US Moon program, Von Braun wanted a setup of permanent stations, above the Earth, above the Moon, and 3 type of shuttles for the 3 type of trips. Congress with it's 4 year cycle of funding nixed that. People went to the moon with a car packed on a fat rocket and on return splashed down almost naked on a parachute (carrying a bag of pebbles) leaving no re-usable infrastructure behind.

    Trump is no von Braun. More important than engines are brakes. I doubt that even in a century we will be ready to really do it. bible prophecy? the overlapping generation will expire by 2075 or 2125. May be going to heaven will have a new meaning bey then?.

  • smiddy

    Hasn`t common sense and science as well as history already invalidated Bible Prophecy ?

    not to mention the rest of the Bible as being taken literally .

  • punkofnice

    Does the fact that we can't fly on broomsticks invalidate Harry Potter?

    What I'm saying is, people believe in books of fairy tales and fiction (Quran and Bible for example), without realising that those writings are not from a god or even inspired of anything other than the superstitions of mere men. Haven't we got beyond all the mumbo jumbo yet?

    Hasn't Bible prophecy been proven as utter nonsense yet?

  • zeb

    I hate being this vague but I heard from..?.. a long time ago that the wts had written to NASA and told them that God would not allow men into space.. has anyone got any thing better on this?

    Its looks like they the wt got this one wrong too.

  • punkofnice

    "Man on earth can no more get rid of these demonic `heavens' (the organization of wicked spirits) than man can by airplane or rockets or other means get up above the air envelope which is about our earthly globe and in which man breathes." (The Truth Shall Make You Free, 1943, p. 285)

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