Would human settlement of Mars invalidate Bible prophecy?

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  • TD

    An elder in my old congregation.....told us that man was breaking God's laws by leaving the Earth that Jehovah had given to humans and landing on the moon.

    A common mistake. The concept of Earth as a planet is a contemporary idea. References to earth in the Bible are invariably references to the land/ground itself.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    ...Trump wants a human mission to Mars to be completed within his presidency.

    Doing it within his presidency is a surefire recipe for disaster. Four years, even eight, is not enough to get all the bugs ironed out. Too many things can go wrong. An ordinary ship would take 3 years but, if we have the balls to build it, a pulse nuclear spaceship would do it in months.

    You need stepping stones before you take a loooong trip like that. Before we go to Mars we should build a Lunar station capable of hosting a pulse nuclear ship (You don't want that thing going back and forth from Earth!) and set up with a small industry to supply the ship. Oxygen from the aluminum oxides in lunar soil as well as aluminum itself for construction. Water can be taken from the deep craters in the lunar north pole.

    It is from there that we can go to Mars. One step at a time. That will probably take 20 years to be on the safe side of things.


  • blondie

    How about doing any of these:

    Ending wars

    Curing illnesses

    Ending child abuse

  • ttdtt

    Well prior to that - I pretty much think History and Common Sense invalidated it first:)

  • waton
    A common mistake. The concept of Earth as a planet is a contemporary idea. References to earth in the Bible are invariably references to the land/ground itself.

    TD: a good point. bible writers, until ~ 100 years after Christ did not realize that the ground is not flat, but curves into a ball over the horizon. The geeky Greeks actually measured the curvature, and established the size of the earth with 10% accuracy. ~ 200 Before CE. It became a planet with Kepler ~400 years ago. so :

    Does a settlement of Mars contradict bible prophecies?? : since those predictions require a flat Earth,:------- only if Mars is below the horizon ha ha.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    @waton, Don't forget the stone dome that was laid above the flat earth. They would have had to punch a hole through it. But then they thought that all the stars and planets were magical torches and luminaries inside the dome.

  • zeb

    blondie. and add

    • replanting the deserts.
    • 'raking' the oceans for those death nets and other plastic
    • raking the oceans for rubbish generally.
    • sorting out the Japanese reactor that has not been fixed yet.. or has it?

    anyone like to add what you would spend 600 b on?

  • waton
    Don't forget the stone dome

    VA: yeah, that why it is called " Firmament ", so firm. handy to keep Satan and his Demons confined in the vincinity of the Earth. (wt doctrine).

  • David_Jay

    Finklestein wrote:

    Bible prophecy is fictional mythology, therefore it has no relevance to anything in these modern times toward humanity now, other than its historical reference.

    You are SO RIGHT! Even from the Jewish viewpoint, this whole idea that the Scriptures foretell the future is Christian nonsense. Maybe the New Testament claims to do that, but Jewish Biblical "prophecy" isn't really about foretelling the future. It's about speaking up for justice sake in the name of God.

    While Jews look forward toward the Messianic era or the World to Come, there are no specific foretellings beyond a general forecast of this hope. The Messianic ideal is for the most part post-Biblical (Old Testament, that is). Since most people today would never allow themselves to be ruled by a monarchy, it is likely that the Messiah-concept is a personification of a future period where humanity is able to achieve peace and prosperity, or at least the Jewish hope that such a time can happen.

    But this notion of the Scriptures being used like a crystal ball or tarot cards in foretelling the march of world powers, etc., reducing Jewish Scripture to the realm of heathen and pagan magicians, witches, soothsayers and the like, I find disturbing and telling about some of the religions that promote this. The Jewish Prophets were not mediums but people who believed God was supporting their cries against injustice.

    Leave it to Christians to reduce the Tanakh to the low depths of a grimoire.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Ray Franz in his book said that there was a point in time when the Governing Body considered changing the significant JW date of 1914 to the year 1957. That was the year Sputnik was launched by the Russians and because such a thing was new and scary and Russian, it seemed to fit the description of the Luke 21 prophecy about fearful signs from the heavens, in the end times.

    It seems to me any JW worth his salt could spin just about any world event or accomplishment to fit their favorite woeful Bible prophecy, including the establishment of a space colony.

    P.S. I loved Outlaws cartoon....even in outer space, the sister's space suit had to have the obligatory skirt...HA!

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