Please vaccinate your children

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    I was caught up the MMR controversy when my wife was pregnant with our first child.  I remember attending an event in London where a self-proclaimed expert provided a heap of information on it.  We did not get her vaccinated with the triple jab but she has had single vaccinations.

    I don't question anyone's right to be skeptical of doctors and pharmaceutical companies.  I don't think that the commercial goals of parts of the health system always are second place to the best for patients.  I do wonder if there should be more proper research into some of the claims around various vaccinations.  However, as the information about Andrew Wakefield came out I felt completely defrauded.  I do, therefore, get pretty indignant about the pseudo science that seems to be endemic in the anti-vaccination, homoeopathy and alternative medicine arenas.  So much of it smacks of the same sort of thing I have come to see when Witnesses present creation science and pull in the gullible to accept what is clearly wrong. 

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    Maisha - "greenmedinfo" Really?

    Some examples of willful ignorance are just annoying. This sort gets people killed.

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    Some examples of willful ignorance are just annoying!

    Speaking from first hand knowledge:

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    Sometimes the ignorance on this forum astounds me.  
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    Didnt CTRussell condemn vaccinations also ? 
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    Im all for individual rights.  Im all about freedom of choice. If thats the view of individuals then by all means go with it.

    my kids were vaccinated. Im glad my parents got me vaccinated.

  • Viviane
    The Italians believe the MMR shots do cause autism and so do others.The Italians don't give out this shot any longer I believe,

    Actually, Italy has a very nice vaccination schedule which still includes the MMR at 12-14 months,

    Every study ever done shows zero link between vaccination and autism.

     There maybe a connection between giving children three vaccinations all at once and some of the health problems kids experience later in life.

    There is no evidence for any link. There is evidence for diseases ravaging populations without vaccinations, however.

     There is also natural ways to vaccinate against measles. Do your research.

    Ironic advice, coming from the person who's opening belief could have been confirmed or disproven with a 30 second google search. 

    Anyway, there is no way to naturally vaccinate against measles. "Getting measles" and building up an immunity isn't vaccination. There is no way to protect against death and other symptoms a wide scale measles outbreak can cause. 

    Vaccination saves lives.

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    NEVER Would I have my kids vaccinated.

    I hope you do and and don't have kids. Vaccination is not linked with any of the things you listed. Vaccines save lives. You betray your real issue when you say what the intent of the document is, to put officials (whatever that means) on the defensive in a weakened position, not to protect your child at all cost. 

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