Please vaccinate your children

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  • OrphanCrow

    I think that the early campaigns of the Watch Tower Society, through their early anti-AMA stance and their relentless anti-vaccination campaigns in the Golden Age magazine during the 1920s and 30s and beyond, - which was circulated extensively throughout rural North America targeting the low educated masses - are now seeing the fruits of its labor. Those seeds that were planted, nurtured and watered by early Watchtower doctrine, fueled by 'alternative'/quack medicine - spread far and wide...are now bearing fruit.

    I myself am a 'fallout' of those early Watchtower beliefs and was not vaccinated as a child. I have only ever had oral polio vaccine. As a newborn, in 1957, i contracted whooping cough and have been exposed to many childhood diseases, including measles. Yes, I survived. But I wish i hadn't had the diseases I did as a child.

    I attempted to get vaccinated in early adulthood. I had a job at the hospital and it required me to be vaccinated. The tests that were required to assess my levels of immunity and tolerance to the immunization procedure were disastrous and resulted in being told by the medical doctor and public health nurse that it would be dangerous for me to embark on a vaccination program.

    My children were both vaccinated. I was delighted that the vaccinations were developed, just prior to the birth of my son, for diseases that I had already endured and survived. 

  • sowhatnow

    is it true, [a pediatrician once told me this] that children in the euro countries do not start vaccines until they are 12 months old?

    now this is when i started my children, by choice.  I felt it was too soon to start immunizations so young.

    and its the usual habit of the doctors here in the states to  start to inject three month old infants with these deadly diseases, and every month there after,   before they  have a good immune system,  and are physically able to handle them.

    the age is what I take issue with.

  • Simon

    You say "by choice" as though it's wonderful. "i felt" ... is that how it works?

    You should say "by misinformation" or "by the voodoo science of Jenny McArthy" instead.

    You "have issue" with something because you know nothing about it yet choose to listen to the views of idiots instead of experts.

  • Simon
    gda: I deleted your posts of links to medical qwackery and conspiracy theories. They are not welcome here.
  • enigma1863
  • DJS

    Thanks enigma, that was worth resurrecting this thread. Why does it seem that so many ex-Dubs are drawn to conspiracy theories and issues such as the anti-vaxxers (rhetorical question)? As Simon noted 5 months ago, those who have discovered, developed, evaluated and researched vaccines have decades of experience in the field, advanced degrees in the field of study and want the same thing we all want. They arent' sinister people who are trying to harm others.

    OTOH, the anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists are typically individuals with a high school education and no specific knowledge or experience in the areas they criticize. And their mothers' internet accounts.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Non vaccinated people should be required to have "disease carrier" tattooed across their face and be banned from the schools, theaters, flights, amusement parks, shops, restaurants and public transit that the rest of us use

    Why would you have to worry about any contact as long as YOU are vaccinated?

    Leave them be. The more and more you protect the stupid, the more and more they continue to breed.

    Allow Natural Selection to do its thing.


  • LisaRose

    The problem is that some children have compromised immune systems and cannot get vaccinated. Children whose parents choose not to vaccinate are a danger to them, as they can pass the these diseases on, If there are unvaccinated children in school they cannot attend and are forced to home school.

    I am glad Caifornia now requires vaccinations for children to be enrolled in school. Parents who choose to not vaccinate their children are free to do so, but they will have to take responsibility for that choice and home school.

    The problem with natural selection in this case is that the child is innocent in this and didn't ask to have an idiot for a parent, and they also might not die, but become disabled and a burden on society. It's no different than JW parents who refuse blood transfusions, sometimes you have to protect children from their parents.

  • JWdaughter

    I think that a key bit that the antivaxxers are missing is the issues that can ensue without vaccinations. How many here have seen anyone affected by smallpox, polio, even chickenpox? A high fever for any extended time often results in male infertility (anatomically vulnerable). That's the least of it. You have to be alive for infertility to matter. My husband and his sister were scarred viciously. Their brother died.

    The consequences of having those diseases are dire and as we have seen recently, they spread rapidly in a vulnerable exposed population. Like kids at Disneyland. That was "just" measles. Have you seen someone affected their whole life with consequences of polio or smallpox? I have.

    I also know this. My nephew, who has been diagnosed with multiple issues, autism among them, was not vaccinated on time because of all his medical issues at birth. He was diagnosed with autism before any vaccinations. Truly autism is the least of his issues.

    Vaccinate your kids, please.

  • JWdaughter

    Doc, the more deliberately unvaccinated people-or exposed ones go out and about, they are exposing the ones that are too young or medically vulnerable.

    Infants and ill babies/children shouldn't have to die for stupidity of others.

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