Please vaccinate your children

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  • Viviane

    And remember your boosters as adults!

    Currently there is a measles outbreak in the U.S. The outbreak is clustered into communities where parents choose not to get their children vaccinated. Vaccination works primarily on herd immunity. In rare cases, someone who is vaccinated CAN get the disease. It is not 100% perfect, but it is far far better than the results of NOT vaccinating. Measles can kill, cause permanent damage and put those who, for some medical reason, get a vaccination. Vaccination, while not binary, vastly, by a factor of millions, reduces disease. It works, but only when we realize it is a social responsibility if we want to participate in society. Many preventable diseases are contagious prior to symptoms arising and are airborne, simply suggesting isolation is not even close to being as effective as vaccination. Not getting vaccinated puts others at risk.

    It's also not just measles. It's mumps, rubella, whooping cough, polio, influenza, tetanus, shingles and other infectious viruses vaccinations prevents.

    Vaccination doesn't cause autism. It's not a government eugenics program. It's not mind control or drug experimentation, it's not against God's will, prayers doesn't cure disease. 

    Vaccination works.

  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks Viv!

    I will always remember my "BOOBSTERS" as you say

    (sorry, I couldn't resist a bit of childish humour hehe) 

  • Viviane
    I will always remember my "BOOBSTERS" as you say
    (sorry, I couldn't resist a bit of childish humour hehe) 

    D'oh! Thanks! Fixed it while I still had time. And there is nothing wrong with childish humor.

  • stuckinarut2
    stuckinarut2 that it is fixed, everyone will wonder what I was on about...


  • Viviane
    They'll probably figured out that my OP said "boobsters" instead of boosters. The Boobsters seems like it should be a good name for something, but I can't figure out what.
  • smiddy

    The trouble with the anti-vaccination lobby is  they concentrate on the very rare adverse reactions one might have, compared to the overall benefits vaccinations provide .

    Its just another case of a small minority making a big noise, and getting the attention .

    The health today of everyone on this planet and especially those in western countries but also those in third world countries is mainly due to the availability of vaccinations against diseases that otherwise would cause havoc in society.

  • Crazyguy
    The Italians believe the MMR shots do cause autism and so do others. The Italians don't give out this shot any longer I believe, and if one looks and the Vaccination's given to children under the age of 5 in the US its mind blowing. I would recommend vaccinating against Measles alone if possible. There maybe a connection between giving children three vaccinations all at once and some of the health problems kids experience later in life. There is also natural ways to vaccinate against measles. Do your research.
  • Xanthippe
    I think the deafness and blindness charity Sense in the UK said the main cause of children being born deaf and blind is mothers catching rubella in pregnancy. A very sad result from not vaccinating children.
  • maisha

    NEVER Would I have my kids vaccinated.

  • cofty

    There is no link between MMR and autism.

    This has been established by multiple large-scale research. The doctor who raised the fear did so for reasons of financial gain and used fraudulent data.

    The paranoia about vaccinations is ridiculous.

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