14 kids dead and one teacher at Texas school shooting.

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  • littlerockguy

    I want to know how this 18 year old bastard had a $50,000 truck, a couple of weapons worth over $2000 a piece let one ammunition and magazines, all while working part time.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    If society is getting worse, mental illness is increasing and people are losing the capacity to take responsibility for their actions, then something has to change.

    The common denominator here is access to dangerous weapons. Comparisons between gun deaths and traffic accidents is ridiculous. Transport is an essential human need. Vehicles are built to be as safe as possible and are used for many purposes. A gun is built to have 1 single purpose.

    Having said that, I'm personally not anti guns, however you can't have everything.

    If you claim that society is sick and has problems that can't be solved easily, then maybe there is no choice other than to limit gun ownership.

  • shadowclone

    So have a guard with controlled entry? Perfect! Now the shooter has a target rich environment waiting to get in when school starts. Or go shoot up a grocery store. Or go shoot up a night club. Or go shoot into houses at random. Or go do some drive-by shootings. Or go shoot at a birthday party. Or . .

    Now what could possibly connect all the people killed this way??? Hmmmm . . . . can't quite put my finger on it. . .

  • jojorabbit

    Shadow you are nothing but a defeatist. So sit in your closet and hide because nothing will work and its all horrible and its just the end of the world. Are you sure you are not still a JW? LOL. Life is a risk. When you put your foot on the floor in the AM its a risk. Its a risk to get into the shower. Most people don't sit in bed and worry about slipping on the soap and crying about it. We push through. We get things done. We try things. The lefts answer is to let people out of prison, Give them free money and housing. Pat them on the back when they kill someone and tell them its because someone owned a slave 160 years ago they may or may not be related to in some distant way.

    Your kind is what gets things Fed up in the first place. Just point the finger and say its the tool, its the gun, car, mega hat, or what is the flavor of the blame that day. Personally I can do without your kind. You offer nothing but complaints and whining.

  • shadowclone

    I love you too, sweetie 😘

  • jhine

    Jojorabbit , every Western country has , as you said , experienced those changes in society. Well maybe not racial tension on the same scale. but Gay rights , access to porn etc and yet it is still only the US that has the firearms problem.

    This is something unique to America , who knows why ?

    Simon , l see your point about hospitals, your use of the phrase " business " threw me . These would have been NHS run.


  • TonusOH
    Comparisons between gun deaths and traffic accidents is ridiculous. Transport is an essential human need.

    My point is that we make this calculus every day, and accept risk where we find it useful, even though the cost is staggering. I drive a car. I have never owned a gun, and probably never will. I have reduced the risk that I will be shot by some percentage, but I still take my health/life in my hands almost every day by getting behind the wheel of a car. I also have a set of knives, and any number of other conveniences that introduce a level of risk that I accept, because they make my life easier or better or more pleasant.

    We cannot pretend that we don't take risks --and accept a very high price-- for the sake of convenience and for a better life for those who don't pay that price. We draw the line at guns (and rightfully so, in my mind) because they have moved in the opposite direction, where they are no longer the essential need that cars are today. But we do so only because we can give them up without sacrificing convenience. We seek to do so for practical and pragmatic --but not moral-- reasons.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I literally cannot believe what an asshole Barak Obama is - it was the timing of his comment that pissed me off.

    Wait a year, then if he wants to compare killings with black people killed by racists, then ok, we can have that discussion. It would be controversial, but we could have that discussion.

    But Obama made his comments when the kids' bodies were still warm.


  • shadowclone

    But a person advocating for gun rights while the bodies are still warm is perfectly acceptable and reasonable?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @shadowclone - I think it depends on whether they reference the massacre like Obama did.

    But I think it might be better to wait until the hysteria dies down before we can have a difficult discussion about gun rights.

    Look at the madness of liberal idiots politicising George Floyd's death as he lay dying. That was pretty f**king sick from the hard Left.

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