14 kids dead and one teacher at Texas school shooting.

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  • Simon
    all automatic and semi-automatic rifles and most handguns are banned for public use in Iceland.

    So? Iceland has a total population less than most small cities and much lower rates of gun ownership.

    They don't have the same social issues that the US does. So what is the point of comparing them?

    But even so, they still have lots of guns but few to no gun related homicides. Almost like it's not caused by the guns existing ...

    Why not, if you want to do that, compare individual cities in the US and then look at why some are like the worse shit-hole country war zones and others are perfectly nice places to live. Even though all exist in the same gun-owning country.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Lots of guns and few problems in Switzerland - https://youtu.be/c7l31LZVqQ4

  • LongHairGal


    That’s good. I hate when certain people in the U.S. try to make comparisons with small countries in Europe when discussing the gun issue, etc.

    There are vastly more people here in the U.S. and an unknown number have serious problems both social and mental. And it’s too bad if anybody doesn’t like me for saying this. A lot of people won’t touch this topic with a ten-foot pole..It’s hopeless.

    Bottom line: if the sad day ever came that guns were ‘banned’..(and don’t say ‘assault rifles’ because it would start there) everybody can rest assured that every criminal and lowlife here would have guns. Yes, they would be armed to the teeth!!

    The only people who would NOT have guns would be the average law-abiding, tax paying citizens who are the most vulnerable and preyed upon. They would be sitting ducks for anything! The only recourse they would have would be to call the police 🤣. Yeah. Maybe the cops would come, maybe not. Maybe they’d get the wrong house. Good luck with that scenario, everybody.

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