This site should be called Anti-Jehovahs-Witnesses Cry-babies

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  • azor

    the-Question. Have you ever been in a hospital with your young child. Doctor's and nurses poking and proding your baby. HLC there in your ear, when the doctor's come in and tell you your son has leukemia and if he doesn't get a blood transfusion he will die. That was the beginning of the end of my belief in imaginary friends.

    So I'm whining huh. Come and spread your condemnatory bullshit when you've experienced a fraction of what I, and many others here have.

  • Splash
    people refusing to think call those that DO "trolls".

    JW's refusing to think call those that DO "apostates".

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Hey 'the question'. I became a Jehovah's Witness because I truly thought I was part of a loving brotherhood. It's loving alright, but very conditionally. Over the 25 years I have been a member, I have increasingly come to realise the extent of control, and intrusiveness over my life by the Watchtower Bible and tract society.

    You can ask questions of the elders alright, but let's say you can't conscientiously agree with the GB on some things and you vocalise it, you may well find yourself in a corner.

    Though I have a love for God and his son Jesus Christ, I find myself increasingly at odds with some of the stuff coming out of the WTB&TS. This in turn puts me off attending meetings.


    Troll removed, please don't feed them......Simon

    Looks like the Troll fell in a Hole..

    Good Bye Troll!..

  • undercover

    And the Most High Admin Simon said unto thee, 'Thou shalt not troll on my board. You are cut off from the people. Take thy dung elsewhere.' [Yul Brynner voice] So let it be written, so let it done

  • Londo111

    World conditions since 1914 have only gotten better as a whole...which is a whole another video series:

    But in regard 607 BC, I'll take the first point about the Bible interpretation. There is nowhere in the Bible that proves the Jews returned from exile in 537 BC. If one reads Ezra chapters 1 to 3, it seems to point to 538 BC.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Hang on folks...popcorn is now warm...right, I'm ready...go...I love these threads.

    EDIT....damn I was too late...he is gone.

  • Viviane
    So, if nothing else, you LEARNED about God and Christ!

    So true. That part of my brain is now filled with useless information.

  • nicolaou

    Not overly proud of my previous comment, it was a snap reaction. My apologies.

  • Giordano

    Check the newbies the-Question will be one of them. He's getting so much attention...... he won't be able not to come back.

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