As Seen On TV....Have You Ever Tried Any Of Their Products?

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  • blondie

    I have purchased DVDs, CDS from TimeLife online.

    Robin Williams work over the years, what others have to say about them, very good, worth the money

    And some oldies CDs, listen to them all the time

    That's about it

    I think about it and then I realize that if the only endorsers are celebrities and unknown people in a contrived audience, stay away.

  • RubaDub

    I did save some money thanks to my wife by not buying the Ron Popeil Rotisserie Oven thing, the "set it and forget it" thing that everyone in the audience (and me) kept repeating. I felt like part of the audience when he would point at the camera ... and I would yell out "set it and forget it."

    My wife wrestled the credit card out of my hand even though I told her that it was only 5 easy payments of $19.95 and if I ordered it in the next 10 minutes, they would make the first payment for me and include some extra stuff.

    She told me to shut up and go to the corner market and get the chicken already cooked for $5.99.

    It was tough love but I made it through the trauma. And yes, the chicken was good.

    Rub a Dub

  • minimus

    Blondie all those CDs are very overpriced but at least you know what you are getting

  • blondie

    min, based on often I have listened to them, I think they have been a bargain.

  • minimus

    Then it’s worth it. You can’t get too much Peter Paul and Mary LOL

  • Simon

    The over-acting to demonstrate the problem for the solution they want to sell you is ... well, it's a thing to behold.

  • Diogenesister
    8Blondie min, based on often I have listened to them, I think they have been a bargain

    Blondie it always blows me away what a bargain ANY music CD/album/record/tape I've had is. Hours and hours of glorious music that I listen to again and again for a few pounds.

    When you think about it it's the best value item you'll ever buy. Imho :))

    (And Timelife stuff are always classics in whatever medium)
    Simon that's hysterical lmao they're not quite so bad in the UK, are they ? Lol

  • minimus

    These infomercial show that we need the product they are advertising because we are nothing but nitwits.

  • Finkelstein

    Tac lights which you see on TV are good , small but powerful LEDs

  • LongHairGal


    That blue diamond pan that says you’re allowed to use metal utensils scratched the first day I used it.

    I was cutting something in the pan. Well, a knife is a metal utensil...What a disappointment. I purchased it specifically because I wanted a no-stick pan you can use metal utensils with. Maybe there is no such animal.....So, I’ll only use it to make eggs and I’ll use plastic utensils. Oh well..

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