As Seen On TV....Have You Ever Tried Any Of Their Products?

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  • WTWizard

    Most of the stuff I ordered from TV were quite expensive for what you get. The Torso Tiger, for instance, consists of the roller connected to knee pads through stretching cords that can be adjusted for difficulty. I paid about 80 toilet papers for it in 2000, and I believe it would have been better nearer 30 (though with less incentive to use it until it broke). The worst was the swivel sweeper, which became useless after only a few uses.

    Some of the music is fair, though. They had Time Life collections offered, that really did offer songs from the period. I ordered a set of mid to late 1960s music, which was decent. The only fault was that most Time Life songs tend to run shorter than what you can get on iTunes or Amazon music, and get the songs you like instead of what they think you should.

    The biggest issue I have with infomercial products is the long wait time. I order something directly online, it might take between 2 business days (if the warehouse is relatively near) to a week to 10 business days (if the warehouse is across the whole country). Most of these items have processing times around 3 weeks--online, it is usually a day or so. Why order something through one of those places, pay too much, and wait a month or more when you can simply go directly to a store (hopefully not walmart--they sell junk that will end up in the landfill, plus abuse employees, customers, and the neighborhood) or Amazon and get it inside a week, minus the extras I do not need, and usually for less.

  • minimus

    Helpful thread!

  • LV101

    NEVER! Just not my thing nor do I trust the ads. I try to research items a bit and reluctantly signed up again for Consumer Report - I don't know how trustworthy reviews/ratings are. I ran through a Fry's Electronics store once with friend and noticed an entire section of TV products.

  • RubaDub

    It's been ten years since Billy Mays died, ten years.

    Every time I use a product with OxyClean, a tear comes to my eye.

    Rub a Dub

  • TD


    We bought a juice machine from an infomercial once. --Three easy payments, yada, yada, yada.

    It's an extremely high quality appliance. A real induction rather than a universal motor, so it's quiet, powerful and has no brushes to ever replace.

    We just don't use it. It sits up on a high shelf next to the bread machine we got from Sharper Image. (Are they still around?)

  • LV101

    TD - Interesting info re/the juice machine as it's very difficult (or was) to find quality ones that didn't burn out quickly. I think you have to use them consistently for a few wks. to really test the quality. Blenders are another test case - even the pricier ones would honk out quickly making fresh salsa daily - guess that's why they make food processors. Never hear about bread machines (who has time when grocery store has ready made) but last new one I had was stolen from the devout Pentecostal crazy working around here.

  • TD
    Blenders are another test case - even the pricier ones would honk out quickly making fresh salsa daily - guess that's why they make food processors.

    Yes. Blender vs. Food Processor is another good example of universal (blender) vs. induction (Most food processor) motors. Induction motors do not spin as fast (Speed is limited by the line frequency) but they are work horses.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I noticed lately that when I fly for long periods, my feet will swell a little. We went trekking with backpacks around Europe this summer . I bought 2 pairs of (as seen on TV) support socks with copper infused into them. They were a godsend in terms of all the walking we did and the long flights. They feel sort of springy and they massage your calves as you walk and keep the blood from pooling in your lower legs and feet. I wore one pair and rinsed out the other pair and let them dry over night. They are knee length so I couldn't wear them with shorts but the rest of the time they were great.

    We put everything we needed into (As seen on TV) vacuum compression bags which then made it possible to pack 4 weeks of clothing into small backpacks that fit into the overhead baggage compartments of the trains, boats and planes we rode in. My wife tends to be a bit of a clothes and shoe fiend and I am a little bit as well but we ended up having clothes than we didn't even use. It was great not to have to wrestle with luggage and be able to hop on and off trains and make our way over cobble stone streets with ease.

    We also have one of those ( As seen on TV) ceramic egg poachers for the microwave oven. It looks like a little small earthenware sauce pan. There's a hole in the lid to let the steam out. You put an egg in there and a little water and it poaches the egg in the microwave oven. Works just fine...just need to remember to use it more often.

    This is us in Monaco

  • kairos

    I've been using the Flowbee hair cutter that attaches to a vacuum.

    30 years not paying barbers~

    Laugh or do the math...

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    This has been a fun read!

    The Oxi-clean detergent i bought in '03, i think it was - caused my clothes to disintegrate with no warning. I was bending over a picnic cooler and suddenly heard my 3-year old granddaughter, in a very hesitant voice, telling me she could see my "buttie."

    Remember "Eggies?" Little plastic gizmo for making boiled eggs without having to peel them. I thought it would be so great because we used to have deviled eggs all the time. As I opened the box and read the extensive directions, i saw there was no saving time at all, using this outfit.

    First, each little eggie had 4 separate plastic pieces to be assembled and then disassembled after using, to clean them. Then, before you can crack an egg to put in the gizmo, it had to be coated with oil. There was a chart explaining how long to cook for the doneness you wanted - All the times were longer than a 3-minute egg! And then to top it off, once the eggs had boiled for the recommend times, you couldn't just pop it open, no. You had to wait a few minutes for the steam to subside so you didn't get a 3rd degree burn.

    I packed it all up and returned for a refund. The prospect of setting eggs to boil and then peeling them seemed a lot easier!

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