What police have to deal with

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    So, the actions of cops have come under scrutiny in recent days, what with the trial of Derek Chauvin and the death of Daunte Wright. I certainly hope justice is served in both those cases.

    What is easy for people to forget, is just what police officers have to deal with on a regular basis, during their interactions with citizens.

    Here's a video breaking down one such interaction.

    A car owner was driving his car but the tags weren't legally displayed. Cops wanted him to pull over but the driver continued driving for a mile and a half with a police car following with sirens and lights. The driver (a military man) pulled over into a gas station, then refused multiple commands at gun point (put your hands out of the window, get out of the car slowly, etc.).

    The entire incident was captured on the two cops' body cams. They eventually dragged the guy out his vehicle and pepper-sprayed him. The senior cop gave him a choice - the driver could continue arguing and get charges of illegal tags and obstructing justice, or everyone could just chill and hit the road. Apparently, the guy is gonna sue the two cops.

    Just watch this …


  • Simon

    The guy who recently jumped back in the car and got himself shot did it to himself.

    Accident? Should have been a taser? They should have been shooting his ass full of lead anyway. He could easily have dragged someone to their death.

    The whole "police just shoot at us" claim is pure BS

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The guy who recently jumped back in the car and got himself shot did it to himself - yeah, the guy who did the breakdown in the OP did a video on the Daunte Wright killing.

    It's a tragic outcome but Daunte Wright had previous (can't remember the exact details). And the dude ran back into his car as an officer was trying to cuff him. That's freaking retarded.

    Do these guys want the cops to shoot them?

    It's almost as if resisting being detained and refusing to comply with cops leads to bad outcomes …

  • Simon
    It's a tragic outcome but Daunte Wright had previous (can't remember the exact details)

    Choking a woman in a robbery.

    A part the media conveniently leave out when they do their "poor innocent saint" routine

  • Phizzy

    Even here in the U.K people forget what the Cops have to deal with, on a daily basis they risk their lives too, admittedly because of our Gun Laws etc it is mercifully rare that they face someone armed with a gun, though still a very real possibility.

    But they have the absolute Scum, the Lower Sludge Pond life to deal with. And because our various Services have been underfunded for so many years, they have to deal with people with Mental Health and other problems that really should not come in their remit.

    They are remarkably restrained when dealing with some A Holes, very Professional, and we are often given the wrong half of the story. I have seen many people at protests and demonstrations deliberately winding up the Police on Duty. No wonder they get a smack occasionally when things kick off !

    Having said that, there are always within the Police bad elements who simply wish to use their power, and also may have racist or other bad attitudes, these guys are rare, but likely to cause a miscarriage of Justice, or even the death of someone. Bad Apples do not belong in the Force.

  • truth_b_known

    Being a police officer in the U.S. is a hard job and it is only getting harder. People elect legislators to pass laws. Once laws as passed it is up to law enforcement to enforce the law so violators are held accountable. In short, politicians make laws and expect people with guns to enforce them. Every criminal law has a bullet attached to it.

    No one wants to discuss how to fix the root cause of crime. Talking heads just want to "reform policing". That's like putting a band aid on a cancerous tumor and expecting it go away.

  • truth_b_known


    As of April 15, 2021 28 police officers were Murdered in the line of duty in the United States.

  • Queequeg

    I've known several police officers. The stories of the crap they have to deal with are insane.

  • LV101

    It is insane. When I see them at signal lights or pulling over vehicles they look stressed. Their lives are on the line and they're dealing with so much crazy it's unimaginable. Scary to think so many are leaving, retiring, etc., from the ranks. They're critical to society and there needs to be many more not less.

    They are so underpaid it's pathetic.

  • Diogenesister

    It’s actually a thing. It’s called “Death by cop”. It’s suicide*.

    Frustrated, confused and depressed people, not to mention mentally ill. Is it time we brought in another type of official to deal with these cases? Like a cop immediately rings in the “mental health crew” ( provided they don’t drive off I suppose) and gets on with other business once they arrive? I mean in the UK the idea that a person on a traffic violation should be countered by an officer using firearms would be beyond absurd, but then I expect that drags us into that other long standing ding dong on here...gun laws.

    *having said that there are many who would say it’s pretty selfish to drag others into (taking blame for) your suicide, assuming suicidal people could be said to be rational enough to be deemed “selfish”.

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