Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Alive and Well

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  • minimus

    I was on Facebook and a person I have known for a long time posted how Trump is mentally ill and is truly a psychopath. A couple of her friends chimed in when I suggested that perhaps the FB friend was really the psychopath. A couple of her friends began to defend her but I was surprised by how many people defended the President! These unadjusted people just can’t take it that Trump is their President. It gets even funnier when they have a meltdown anytime you remind them that Trump is President of the United States. They were quoting The View and going 😝 crazy!

    I had a great time.😎

  • eyeslice2

    Yes, but you can't argue that Trump is a good president. He can't even admit he got it wrong about the hurricane and shows an incorrect mapped trajectory. IMHO he is not worthy of the office.

  • punkofnice

    There seems to be all types of 'derangement syndromes' from cry baby types. I am forbidden to say lefties.

    I find it very cringeworthy when people say, 'Trump is (insert negative)'.

    They just seem to be parroting a news media agenda.

    For this reason I have stopped watching a lot of BBC programs. The agenda is destroying good shows. The news reporters are not all being unbiased.

    Facts don't care about your feelings.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I hate that some anti-Trump people are over-the-top with their arguments. There is so much true and valid to point at about him, why go too far?

    You cannot verify he is a psychopath, but you can verify he cannot admit it when he misspeaks or tweets something wrong. You cannot verify he is a hater, but you can demonstrate he is a self-centered liar who uses dog whistle words to get support from haters.

    His supporters do the same with AOC, posting fake information to make her look stupid. Those can be countered by showing her background and education. The same people overlook that Donald hides his college grades.

    But it is tough for them to resist calling Trump psychopath when he states he is the best at everything and an expert at everything when he thinks he is telling us something new when telling us Puerto Rico is an island or that he's never heard of a Category 5 hurricane, or that we could nuke a hurricane.

  • LV101

    Ahh, so President Trump isn't a meteriologist and most of them get it wrong half of the time. Who can be wrong about the weather more than those pros -- no one!

    President Trump is too busy 24/7 cleaning up all the messes caused by Obama/Clinton/Bush - let's see going back to crazy triple digit inflation/housing idiot Carter. The poor Dems are desperate and it's really showing - go figure and the lies and derangement is endless - quite entertaining, actually!

    Last I heard he hasn't committed justice system fraud while sitting in the oval office - hang onto your hair and conjure up more nonsense because the reality show will be revealed.

  • peacefulpete
  • Room 215
    Room 215

    So, I guess Trump was right in claiming he's the "chosen one" ... he certainly seems to be for for most of the posters on this thread., certainly for Minnie.

    Let's see: does he match Psychology Today's criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, above?

    Which of all of those boxes doesn't he check?

  • rickroll

    If for no other reason than watching the left cry them self to sleep I am voting for and hoping Turmp wins in 20. The only thing I worry about is the left is violent and I would bet riots and murder happens. So ammo up Conservatives.

  • Giordano

    If Trump does not have a mental and moral problem he is at the best a con man by choice...... who is running out of gas.

    The latest is his claim that Alabama will be hit by this current Hurricane. Nothing like using a Sharpie to draw a fake line running through Florida and landing in Alabama...........and his dumb Alabama supporters who were packing up they cars for an exit. At least their governor called it bullshit.

    There is nothing left in the Trump tent then more foolishness and evil. The minute this guy leaves office he will spend the rest of his life trying to stay out of jail. So will his son-in-law and probably his 2 adult son's.

    Republicans are resigning in mass because they let him get out of control and his actions are impacting the lives of their voters.

    Farmers are railing against him.

    Every President makes mistakes it's the nature of the beast.

    But you don't go out of your of your way to turn your back on our European Allies and present yourself as Putin and Kim's personal butt boy........ he's a joke on the world stage.

  • LauraV

    Oh I definitely recognize him as our PResident, but I also recognize him as being a fucking moron, just as some people feel the same about some former Presidents.

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