Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Alive and Well

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  • redvip2000
    If Trump does not have a mental and moral problem he is at the best a con man by choice.

    There are plenty of people in the world that don't have a mental issue, and that are simply buffoons, superficial and callous.

    The issue is that normally, the process of coming up the ranks of politics weeds out these people. Trump is an anomaly because he entered the scene through the entertainment space, and gained traction because whether we like it or not, there are copious amounts of people in the US, who are just as moronic as he is.

    He is for all intents and purposes, the Buffoon King, admired by ... well the rest of the buffoons.

    As bad as that is, the Left continues to do everything they can to get the Buffon King elected again, by adopting ridiculous extreme left platforms such as open borders, reparations, free healthcare and education for illegals and many others. This will be a sure way to make the moderate sector of the electorate sit on their couch once again at election day.

  • minimus

    If someone doesn’t like Trump, ok. But constantly flipping out over anything he says or does is cuckoo.

    I am getting a real kick out of this weather thing. This is classic TDS. Add this to another impeachable offense. Lol

  • out4good4

    Where's that check from Mexico?

  • Simon

    PeacefulPete - the problem with your checkbox is you can tick all the boxes for Hillary as well and probably write some extra ones on the back.

    The lefts unwillingness to accept the election result is almost unprecedented and is a very sinister development. They suggested that the danger to democracy was from Trump, but it's the democrats that are really undermining it. It's their candidate that wouldn't accept the result and went on a whining tour. It's their president that used the state spy agencies to try and tip the balance in the election and then undermine the incoming presidency. Obama is the most corrupt president ever, doing what Nixon did x100.

    Their platform for the next election now seems to be utter madness - last night their main candidates were deciding whether they liked plastic or paper straws better and exactly how many African babies they should kill to save the planet. The last one, coming from a multi-millionaire with multiple houses was pretty stunning to be honest ... yet the simpletons watching CNN clap like seals at the Nazi-esque "final solution".

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    He’s the Man!

  • redvip2000
    But constantly flipping out over anything he says or does is cuckoo

    "Flipping out" is perhaps hyperbole. I think most reasonable people look in awe at the avalanche of stupidity that dribbles out of his mouth.

    For example, just 2 or 3 days ago in addressing Hurricane Dorian he said that he "doesn't know what a category 5 hurricane is" and that he "never even heard of that term before". Why?

    Of course there are videos of him discussing the impact of other cat 5 hurricanes in the past, and addressing them as such, and of course this but one small example of a daily ritual of playing hide-and-seek with the truth.

    Now you ask... what is the point about lying and misleading about something so inconsequential like that? The man has a pathology that is hard to understand, but at the very minimum it shows that he cannot be trusted even with saying the truth about the most mundane and trivial things.

  • LV101

    Farmers railing against him -- ummm, is that a fact? Not the ones I know in the food belt of the world but maybe they're telling fake news another story. Lots of rhetoric here.

  • minimus

    You can keep your own doctor.. if Obama says something idiotic and totally false, you don’t hear a peep. If Trump says a state in the country might get affected by a hurricane, it’s HORRIBLE! Only Democrats would get all riled by this.

  • LV101

    Obama doesn't know for sure how many states are in the union or the terms of the military - some military commander except for the middle east and couldn't even protect our special forces after endless calls for help. Give me a break --- "what difference does it make." Some leadership from Ole Hil. We don't know the half of it --- YET!!

  • sparky1

    I follow President Trump on Twitter every day. This tells me all I need to know about the man.

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