Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Alive and Well

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  • LV101

    Many people were ecstatic hearing Trump was running months before he announced. At least he wasn't part of the old DC crook dynasty and professional-get rich politician off the backs of the American tax payers. Someone that understands and is actually involved in business and knows something -- now there's a concept! We've been stuck for decades with more of the same. They enter office and walk away multi-millionaires - it's amazing magic. Why isn't everyone standing up to this fraud? All the tax payers seem to care about is whether their party is in office - who cares what party it is with the fraud and swamp. The Bush family had their own money unlike the Clintons/Obamas.

    Now we have the climate change carnival going on. Of course, the earth needs to be cared for but this is more padding the political pocket and power play by the dictating left. First the ice age was coming few decades ago (hilarious) then the global fever era and now just down to plain ole climate change. The scientists and their herd mentality -- everyone jumps onboard.

  • MeanMrMustard
    If anyone is asserting that Hillary is ethically better than Trump, then they are wrong. I believe Trump doesn't like people dying, Hillary's a little more comfortable with killing people, a total war hawk, making her more evil than him in that regard. Trump pulled back a strike on Iran because of the body count, that never stopped Obama and wouldn't stop Hillary for damn sure.

    Ok... sure.. but I don’t see how that relates to what I said.

    It’s not about saying Trump is ethically better, or Hillary is ethically better. If anyone puts forth a criteria by which to judge Trump, but can’t put the shoe on the other foot so-to-speak, then it shows a bit of TDS breaking through.

  • Vidiot
    LV101 - "...At least he wasn't part of the old DC crook dynasty and professional-get rich politician off the backs of the American tax payers..."

    You're right.

    He was part of the old Wall Street crook dynasty and professional-get rich businessman off the backs of the American consumers.

    Or am I wrong?

    LV101 - "...They enter office and walk away multi-millionaires..."

    Don't kid yourself.

    The vast majority of these guys were already multi-millionaires.

    One of the underlying reasons they hated Obama so much. He was even less "one of them" than Trump supposedly is.

  • LV101

    I agree - but think Obama was worth a couple of million - not a multimillionaire.

    Wall Street crooks - yeah the country is steeped with them. I don't think the left hated Obama and did some unethical things to conservatives. Opened a lot of eyes -- can't say I trusted him even initially nor thrilled with either party.

    This health care is too much -- Obama's plan dismal failure and I'm not saying the private is great. It's actually scary having high end insurance -- medical profession runs on it and one has to be cautious. I know a few people who prefer paying cash - depending, of course. That's not realistic/feasible for the majority so can't be considered. From what I hear (experienced with family member 100 yrs. old) they run on Medicare, also -- don't keep the patient a moment longer than the gov't allotted time and it costs the patient thousands and thousands out of their own pocket to remain in hospital for necessary treatment/care. They ship patients out to rehabs and the Medicare coverage is very limited. After couple of wks. they're paying out of their own funds. It's not great but, of course, Medicaid is different ball game. I'm sure there is limitations at some point or amount but one is not responsible for paying out of their own funds - or have to be concerned because they've no assets. It's not about one's health/welfare -- it's a structured program -- regardless, I'm sure Medicaid is more lenient -- or so I've been told. Many people fraud the gov't and transfer assets to use Medicaid - investigations can go back a few yrs. to confirm - if they're initiated.

    Nursing homes same structure. Many who've worked full time/hard and gone without to invest, save (not like JWs who think working a 35-40 hr. work week is big deal) and have something pay huge amounts - those who have nothing get a free ride - in many cases they legitimately need help and tried to work and provide for themselves - not always!

  • Finkelstein
  • LV101

    If only that were the reality. He's held and kissed more non-whites than the rest would go near! Keep the Russian drivel running because it's Obama's game. Facts are a beautiful thing once they're revealed and I kind a think we've seen reality. Oops - I forgot his partner in crime - Ole Hil.

  • minimus

    Trump is a pig, immoral and got what he has because of his family. Now if you said that about the Kennedy men you would be publicly hanged by the democratic machine. Quite simply they are hypocrites and have TDS.

  • LV101
    Trump has also made his own moolah - sure he inherited but he's exceeded that without the political corruption wealth game. So what - millions are dependent on Wall Street. Okay, let's blame President Trump for Wall Street and Ole Hil's broken heart - I think Obama might end up as depressed as she but he is trying to do damage control and hit the streets with more distribute the wealth nonsense.
  • out4good4
    I'm waiting to see any evidence that Trump's not a moron.


    I'm waiting to see if any of his sycophants will finally pull their collective heads out and acknowledge that there is no grand plan to what this man is doing for them or for America.

    Everything is all about him and the satisfaction of his ego even when it can and has been demonstrably proven that he is dead wrong.

    He's just pulling one incredibly long con job and these sycophants are happily riding along bouyed by a steady diet of being angry at everyone that won't defend his idiocy and salving themselves with but....but....Hillary......but ......but....Obama.......or some other what-about-ism.

    When the pendulum swings back in the other direction, watch all of these Trump republicans try to act as if his presidency never existed and go back to trying to embrace fiscal conservatism of which Trump has never been, reduction of the national debt of which Trump is pushing to over a trillion dollars, family values of which Trump has not the slightest clue, and of having someone in the presidency that isn't covertly and now blatantly using it as a personal cash register.

  • LV101

    Stay tuned to CNN -- we enjoy the entertainment!

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