Just a quick Poll...Do you think the GB is sincere?

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  • Spiral

    Perhaps at one time, but not any more. But why leave? You have people worshipping you and you have power (among the cult).

    Plus, where else is one of them going to get a job? If they don't stay, it's poverty time. Look what happened to Ray Franz.

    So, they are sincerely in it...... for their own good.


    He remarked that the Governing Body were simply "Guardians Of the Doctrine."

    The acronym is G.O.Ds

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  • neverendingjourney

    This was the big question on my mind when I was exiting the JWs. Are the GB sincere but misled or insincere evil geniuses?

    After 12 years of pondering this questions, what do I think the answer is? Neither.

    The GB are clowns of below average intelligence. Climbing up the ranks is a long, grueling process of total obedience and ass-kissing. Anyone with a conscience or an independent thought would be weeded out in the selection process.

    The JWs are stuck with a bunch of bureaucratic yes-men who were groomed to thrive in the cut-throat Bethel environment. Sincerity has nothing to do with it. These are people who are very good at climbing the ranks and the well being of the rank and file or the soundness of their doctrine is completely irrelevant.

    Asking whether the GB are sincere is like asking what the marital status of the number nine is or what the color of love is. The question itself, I believe, doesn't make sense given the context.

    They're drones who were groomed to perpetuate the existence of the religious organization, nothing more, nothing less. If sincerity plays a role at all, they're sincere in their interest in perpetuating the Watchtower organization.

  • Iamallcool

    They will have to be sincere before they get appointed to be on the GB. If they are not sincere enough, it is hard to imagine their fellow governing body members to appoint new somewhat sincere GB members.

  • Zyron

    Sort of sincere. Probably were at the begining like all of us. They've sacrificed so much and are so heavily invested in the BS they can't leave even if they know in their hearts God doesn't speak to them.

    But, how do you admit to 8million + it's a scam? You can't and you don't. So you feign sincerity. And begin to believe it so much so, you really do believe any self fulfilling prophecy means you must be God's chosen ones.

  • ScenicViewer

    They're drones...

    If sincerity plays a role at all, they're sincere in their interest in perpetuating the Watchtower organization.

  • Finkelstein

    The GB members are quite sincere when it comes to sustaining their position within the organization, which is to say the least very privileged from the fact that their food and lodging are provided, their health and dental care, their cars and insurance, their monthly pay cheques, their air flights to travel around the world, their celebrity status wherever they go, all come from the Watchtower Corporation and its financial holdings.

    Add in the fact that these guys probably dont have any saved retirement income to live off of, it becomes not too hard to see why they would make an assertive effort to sustain the Watchtower Corporation.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    My guess is that Governing Body membership would be divided between Category C, and a modification of Category A.

    This would mean a mixture of both:

    1)Those who are completely insincere, and are just playing the system for what they can get out of it.

    2) And others who have heard so many lies told for so long that they end up believing it themselves.

  • oppostate
    1. They are sincerely deluded enough to guard the interests of the WT corporation/JW 0rganization and

    2. dishonest enough to suck away mercilessly anyone's energy and resources for the benefit of the Corporation/0rganization and

    3. to try, through any means they can get away, with to destroy anyone who stands in the way of their Corporate/0rganizational objectives.
  • Diogenesister


    Jackson - sincere. Wasn't a long term bethelite so hasn't played/seen all the bitchy arse kissing politics. Was a missionary in the islands and bought a lot of Polynesian's in - they are madly religious there and although he thinks jah has blessed him anyone who preached there through the 80s would have had the same results.

    Herd - Is a true believing /born and raised Christian, for sure, but I get the feeling he is tired of it all, he's seen the generation teaching fail and I think he's now not 1oo% but has no choice of course.

    Morris - egotistical narcissist who just loves the power so doesn't stop to worry if it's true.

    Lett - I think he's a bit nutty, kindly believer whose none to bright Tbh

    Splane - haven't got a glue about him. Can't read him at all. I think he enjoys the social side and getting into everyone's business. Seems intelligent so I don't understand his tomfoolery with the generations. No education of course.

    Losche - the cowardly one who knows damn well there are problems but is too weak and lacks the moral fibre to face it.

    Sanderson - maybe I'm reading him wrong But he seems the ambitious type. I get the feeling he looks forward to the day some of the old buggers die so he can shake things up a bit. Definately NPG.

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