Just a quick Poll...Do you think the GB is sincere?

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I don't think the G.B. members are any different from the average congregation publishers - some of them are convinced they have the "truth", while some are seriously troubled by various unscriptural decisions and doctrines imposed by the real puppet-masters - as well as the ominous direction their beloved org is taking.

    The latter will simply misquote the apostle Peter's words, "Where else can we go?"

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    C: Completely insincere.

    Rationale: their treatment of victims of child abuse is reprehensible; they compound the mal-experience of victims; they evidence a lack of compassion re victims. They are capricious re doctrine; their treatment of the flock is shameful - demands re attire, prohibition of higher education, incessantly alluding to need for money and portraying such as faithfulness and giving to God. Their preoccupation with self as GB and FDS and increasing ingress of congregations via video - hardly discreet. Even picturing one of them on 2017 convention invitation. Hardly humble.

    The list could go on. They are charlatans!

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Just a quick answer " Beth Sarim"

    Humble "Judge Rutherford" the second president of the " Watchtower society" lived as a caretaker of this ten bedroom mansion in California, whilst he awaited Abraham, David, Isaiah & Samuel to be resurrected and live in it.

    Today the G.B live in shameless luxury, power and ego. To assume they know nothing of the history and failings of the society they lead is in my opinion stupid and naive.

    When the GB don't benefit from their power and ego they may be sincere.

  • Buster k
    Buster k

    Like last Month Crap Broadcast said ..... We Know and They Know They the Guardians of Doctrine the Governing Idiots are Full of Sh$t. I think that how that quote went. They Love there Own Power and they Act like they are the king of all the Earth, well except when they have to go to court then they can't answer a freaking question straight.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    When these guys go to Kingdom Halls far away from their Bethel HQ, they're treated as modern apostles -- rock stars, super celebrities. Have you ever seen any of them before or after a meeting or special assembly who wasn't surrounded by people? These are people who are going to be rulers in Heaven. And I don't know, but I suspect, that many of them would not take kindly to any of you younger people partaking of the sacramental emblems.

    People in the congregations have to be wondering why this Armageddon thing hasn't happened yet and, really, how much longer it's going to take before Jehovah brings things to a close and destroys the wicked. How much longer will it be before they begin expressing hostility is the golden question. Geesh, here we are in 2017 and it's really getting close now. Every day Is One Day Closer! would be an excellent theme to replace the Millions Now Living Will Never Die! or whatever it was. Don't these people ever get angry?

    I've never seen what good the Governing Body was, anyway. Not only do they spread false hope, they teach their followers to have contempt on their family and friends by teaching them that they will perish in the destruction that is soon to come. That alone is pretty sick.

  • slimboyfat

    Can't find interview with Jack Barr's wife. Have you got a link?

    Could only find this one, which must have been either before Jack Barr died or after his wife died, as she isn't included.


  • Lostandfound


    I concur with your comment re Jack Barr. Knew him in London and he was always helpful and diligent. He had a hard time there as under the empire of Drage he was not viewed as a bethel heavy and was under constant pressure in his department, Linotype. When he was assigned to GB he had more friends than grains of sand on beach. Did not evidence any ego or high self worth. He was devoted to Mildred, his wife. Getting the visas etc to join staff at Brooklyn took over a year or so. When they did travel across Atlantic, Mildred took every item of tinned food she had, all crated up by brothers with lists of contents. In USA customs broke open every crate to check contents as they could not believe anyone would take to US from U.K. a small tin of Heinz Potato Salad. Every tin opened by customs as they thought this was a new way of getting drugs into country. They were both sincere and gave every reason to believe they stayed that way in bethel. Sincere yes, but deluded, yes also.

  • respectful_observer

    I think they are both sincere and insincere simultaneously. They are intellectually dishonest, and knowingly use falsehoods to convince themselves and others to believe. Thought stoppers and logical fallacies keep the cognitive dissonance in check enough for them to perform the mental gymnastics needed to keep the plates spinning. Being honest would be very uncomfortable, so they just block out the doubts by any means necessary and blame Satan - they are too invested to do anything else.


    I'd agree with this. I think they sincerely believe in the core doctrines but aren't afraid to use intellectual dishonesty and outright deception to keep the sheeple believing because, in the GB's minds, they're too stupid to attain salvation on their own. It's what lets the GB continue to defend certain teachings and policies they themselves realize are indefensible, illogical, or unbiblical, but would destroy the faith (in the Organization) of too many if they reversed course.

    Basically they see their use of "Theocratic Warfare" on their own people as justfiable since it helps keep those people in the Organization.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with your post totally. They want to keep the house of cards from collapsing and people from leaving.

    In general, I'm sickened by how they are fawned over by deluded rank & file Witnesses! They are just men who don't work for a living!!! No more.

    I do NOT respect them (as I do not respect anybody who has no idea about life in the real world).

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    D: It's a mix.

    They are sincere about their belief in Jehovah and the bible and much of the more sobre, "mainstream" JW teachings. But they are insincere about their tactics of manipulation and some of the more crazy Watchtower teachings. They have deceived themselves into thinking that their manipulative tactics, policies and crazy teachings somehow serve as a protection to the organization and the rank and file JWs whom they oversee. They subscribe to the philosophy of "the ends justify the means" so they feel justified in lying to the rank and file and the public to serve the greater ends of protecting and preserving "Jehovah's Organization".

    If you look at first JW broadcast that Samuel Herd did, you'll notice what he said about the accusation that JWs use brainwashing. He didn't deny the accusation. Instead, he sought to put a positive spin on their use of brainwashing by saying JWs minds are washed from the filth of the world. This is a perfect illustration of how they subscribe to the philosophy that "the ends justify the means".

    A part of them also enjoys the prominence and authority they have and they will resort to vulgar and unethical means to preserve and protect it - like declaring that they alone are the faithful and discreet slave. But they will rationalize such actions by deceiving themselves and saying that it's not their status they're protecting but the organization. The spanking new headquarters with amenities and living quarters that they will enjoy - is all for Jehovah, you see...

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