why the watchtower is so short of money

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  • ttdtt

    I dont think they are in anyway short of money.
    They have a constant flow from so many sources around the world.
    It is for sure that they are planning for the long-term by consolidating and selling stuff off.

    I watched the Videos from the current DC - and there seems to be lots of emphasis put on Consolidation of KHs and for the friends getting booted to just suck it up and do what you're told.

    I really hope that starts happening in my area:)

  • Exelder

    The congregation that I was in worked really hard to get a new kingdom hall and ended up with a surplus of £35,000 which they wanted to keep for repairs, maintenance etc.

    After the circuit overseer visited they received a letter informing them that they needed to send it to Bethel. The congregation was allowed to keep about £2000 and the rest was sent away.

    it was put to public vote on the Thursday night and although there were some grumblings and people feeling genuinely ripped off, the vote was unnanimous and the money was transferred.

    It was THEIR hard earned and donated money for their own hall but of course it went supposedly to Africa to build KH's there (Did it get there or not, I don't know).

  • no-zombie

    I'm sorry for those of my support of SLIM, but no company this is financially solvent will sell of it's assets, particularly when those assets are fully paid for. Its like needlessly selling your furnished to pay bills, when you have cash in the bank.

    While I know that they have sold their New York properties for a considerable profit and downsized the HQ, but again I ask, why you sell you prime waterfront property, perhaps the best in the world (again fully paid for) and move into the middle of no-where, if you don't have problems. And the cutbacks to the magazines, books and brochures (all of which are income generators in themselves) are needless too, if the religion is flush with money.

    The answer is simple economics, their in-goings were not matching their outgoings.

    But why?

    An rapidly ageing and poorer western world brotherhood (Watchtower's bread basket)

    A rapidly growing but non-contributing 3rd world brotherhood

    A rapid loss of funds due to their child abuse lawsuits (which have no sign of ending)

    The never ending costs ($200 million USDs per year minimum) for running its empire

    and that's the losses we know of ...


    I just don't get those who think that Watchtower doesn't have real problems.

  • slimboyfat

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the biggest publishing company the world has ever seen. It would be interesting to research the figures on that.

  • Crazyguy

    You can not have a major exodus of members every generation (born in kids) and continue to be solvent. I’m 50 years old and every new generation I seen many of them leave. Almost all the kids I grew up with left. My sister which is a little over ten years younger almost everyone in her generation she grew up with left. A percentage do come back.

    When teenagers become adults most leave and yes some come back but I think less and less are coming back as time goes on. This along with the generation of those that joined in the big push pre 1975 about to die off and the cult is definitely in trouble.

    Having Kingdom Halls with 200 seats yet only 40-60 publishers showing up is demoralizing so consolidating is the only way to go.

  • DesirousOfChange

    You can not have a major exodus of members every generation (born in kids) and continue to be solvent. I’m 50 years old and every new generation I seen many of them leave. Almost all the kids I grew up with left. My sister which is a little over ten years younger almost everyone in her generation she grew up with left.

    I must remind you that you and your sister are not TWO separate generations, but rather, just part of ONE OVERLAPPY GENERATION.

    and the cult is definitely in trouble.

    Let's hope that is true!

  • NewYork44M

    I am not sure "short of money" is the correct assessment. There appears to be an issue related to operating cash. Operating cash relates to paying the day-to-day expenses. The reasons the decline in operating cash include all the issues identified in this threat. What appears to be happening is that they are supporting day-to-day operations through the sale of capital assets (i.e kingdom halls).

    From an accounting perspective, this is a highly alarming event. Using the sale of capital assets to pay for operating expenses is typical of the declining phase of an organization's life cycle. Navigating an organization through this lifecycle phase is extremely difficult. Probably not a skill set any of the governing body possesses. I wonder how much they are spending on high priced consultants. My guess is a lot.

  • Finkelstein

    In the realm of practical and rational thinking, the WTS has exasperated its doctrinal concept of the world coming to an end via Armageddon .

    It sold and propagated this bible based theology for over century, so perhaps that is another reason the WTS/JWS is now loosing its vigorous adherence.

    From a person who was involved with the JWS in the 60's and 70's, the JWS is not the same, particularly in its overall activity by its members.

    ie. They used to have 7 day summer assemblies.

    There is slated amount of time when you can proclaim a new world order under god is imminent, after that you loose your viability as a proselytizing teacher and verge into a identity of false prophesy. or sin .

  • eyeuse2badub

    This is a business 101 situation. No profit over a prolonged period of time=no business=out of business!

    When you are basically a sales organization and you have no product to sell, you will eventually run out of cash and close your business.

    The WT sold printed literature for 100+ years and now the internet has digitally replaced the printed page. Their printing facilities and distribution methods were a thing of beauty and efficiency. Millions of "publishers" (salespeople) purchased literature at their local KH's and then resold it door to door for a small profit! No more literature to sell=no more purchasing literature at the KH=no more reselling for a small profit=a large hole in WT revenue!

    That large hole in the revenue stream is not being filled because most people, including "publishers" want to see something tangible for their money.

    Additionally, those millions of "publishers" (which most of us once were part of) also happily made other contributions to the 'world wide work' and other various multiple funds set up by the WT. But even the pimi jw's are having a hard time "buying" anything with the WT brand name. The ideas, doctrines, and teachings are old and worn out and people just want to invest in old, worn out stuff!

    just saying!

  • Finkelstein

    There is no question to the acknowledgement that the WTS was getting deeply into debt with its out shoot branches as well with its main operating HQ in Brooklyn, that's why the big sell off of many of its branches including Brooklyn.

    They've taken that money now and have been building new facilities in New York and in England. The cash is now there what the WTS will do with it up to them and how long they can sustain the organization is wrapped in speculation.

    There is a push now to go all digital in its monthly articles, which makes it impossible for poorer nations to receive much if you dont have the inter net or an IPad.

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