why the watchtower is so short of money

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  • pepperheart

    The watchtower is so short of money because they have to pay for all the upkeep of so many branch offices around the world.Because so many of the branch offices are in very poor countries and they are not balancing the budgets

  • blisterfeet

    While I do think this is a contributing factor I don't think that is the ONLY reason.

    If a publicly traded company saw that their stocks were stagnant or dropping, most smart business-people would sell sell sell.

    Similarly membership numbers are stagnant at best, so they are ditching property they can still make some money off of before they completely lose their investments.

    sometimes this activity in business is called a "smash and grab"

  • Finkelstein

    Less people going door to door who used to buy literature, less people buying yearly subscriptions, less people donating money.

    The organization isn't really running out of money its just conserving it by the people who live off the Organization ..... ie. GB members

  • ShirleyW

    I refuse to believe they're out of money. After that monster real estate deal in Brooklyn for their property? I don't believe it.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Pepperheart says: "The watchtower is so short of money because they have to pay for all the upkeep of so many branch offices around the world."

    Someone has to pay the fixed expenses that come due day after day, week after week and month after month...and that someone ultimately is Mother WT! And you've got to know that the upkeep and expenses doesn't come out of 'petty cash'! You're talking millions of $$$ for variable expenses and millions upon millions of $$$ for those fixed expenses. It's a question of how long those meager donations and the profit from real estate sell-offs will keep Mother WT afloat!

    Me...I pray/hope/want this bitch to drown in debt...Yaye!

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS isn't out of money not by a long shot, its probably at its richest state since its existence.

    If you take in all the monetary value of all the land proprieties owned by the WTS around the world, you would come up with a number in the 3 billion US range or more.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Three incontrovertible facts surrounding the WTBTS's financial status still haven't been explained/revealed, resulting in various theories and speculations:

    1) The org has never had greater cash-injections its history - every congregation's monthly excess funds, every congregation's bank balances over 3-6 months running costs, sales of prime real estate in London & New York, sale of various Branch offices, income from the sales of KH's worldwide.

    2) The org's running costs have probably never been lower in its history, thanks to the draconian cuts to Bethelites, elimination of District Overseers, culling of C.O.'s & Special Pioneers, and the greatest cost-cutting strategy of all, virtually eliminating the physical production of literature and replacing it electronically/digitally.

    3) Never in its history has the WTBTS begged its adherents for money so regularly and blatantly.

    Leaving the big questions - Why is there such a current panic/frenzy regarding funds, and where is all the cash going?

  • WildSteve

    The GB designer suits and lifestyles need to be paid for.

    They always fly first class and stay in very expensive hotels.

    Also those masionic rings arent cheap.

    did anybody see August 2018 broadcasting yet? Masionic rings always worn on the right hand little finger, these are gatekeep rings.

    Brother let shows his in a big way, and then the other old brother who was in prison in Spain, when he tells his story they realy make a big deal on his gatekeeper masionic ring on his little finger of his right hand.

  • slimboyfat

    It’s true Watchtower owns a lot of assets and as it runs out of money it can sell those assets to survive. In effect it can sell KHs in order to keep the HQs open. This seems to be what they are doing. So yes they can do that, but can they do it without dissolving the relgion in the process?

    Plus it is just about possible that even selling KHs might not cover their losses. In Australia apparently the Anglican Church is selling a third of its property to pay abuse victims. Does WT have as much property as the Anglican Church?

  • Searril

    It's hard to imagine the Watchtower not being flush with cash after all the sell-offs that have occurred in recent history.

    But I admit I still don't understand the constant begging for money.

    We know the various court cases have cost them some amount. How much, we can only speculate because the Watchtower hides its financial dealings from its members unlike many Christian churches.

    Is it possible they took some gambles on some investments, possibly based upon bad advice and decided upon by people who don't know enough to be making such decision, and they're trying to recover? It would have to have been some SERIOUSLY bad financial decisions to account for all the money they have taken from their members.

    Seems like the bean-counters are the only division within the Watchtower that doesn't have leaks. That actually seems even more suspicious to me.

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