why the watchtower is so short of money

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  • LV101

    Yeah, well, buggies used to be around, too, but no more. Guess they didn't have the perfect selling factor of everlasting life/perfect world. It's interesting watching US cos/corporations regroup/restructure in the digital world.

  • Crazyguy

    WT isn’t a store chain like Sears people will stick around because it’s their religion their faith. WT isn’t going anywhere soon but the good news is as they close down Halls they loose footprint in the community. When Sears closed a store thats one less place for customers to go and these customers quickly forgot about them as a place to shop.

    As WT looses foortprint in the comunity they become even more irrelevant. Pretty soon they’ll be like the Hari Krishna that we used to see at the airports. The JWs are already at the airports and already like the Krishna look crazy to the public. All they need to do next is shave their heads and wear some crazy clothes.

    Anyway they’ll still be around in 20 years but as their footprint gets smaller it will be even that much easier for kids to leave and the Internet makes it easy for these kids to find the reasons not to come back, all good news in my book.

  • _Morpheus
    This is what drives me nuts about your collapse discussions. You try to make economic arguements without any sound economic basis. It's like the WT arguing against science!

    Db, you and i clearly see things in a similar way (httr, btw), but i have one small area of disagreement with the above. Slim does have a basis. His back side, which is clearly where he pulls these things from 😂😂

    No one is saying that can't collapse nor is anyone here saying that they are doing great. But, you take such leaps in logic that now they are collapsing. No, last year they grew. Not by much, but growth is not collapse. Will they die one day? Sure, everything does. Is it by the end of the year? I'll wage my life savings the answer is no.

    And thats where the slim one gets his wiggle room. Try to nail him down WHEN they will collapse. He will literally, in one thread, argue that they have already collapsed and then acknowledge that they will still be around in 100 years. Slim wants it all ways with no real measuring stick as to what he means. The irony is, slim really seems to mean nothing more than what most of us readily agree with: the org has changed and is changing. Membership, means of support, doctrine being forced to evolve etc etc. nobody debates any of that, but slim wants to hang sensational words like “collapse” on it and then duck and weave like ali when you try to pin him down what that means.

  • Finkelstein

    but slim wants to hang sensational words like “collapse”

    Wishful thinking but not realistic for now , try again in 10 or 15 years

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Http morph!

    OTWO good points and I agree. Even when I was a full on believer I felt that all the time i donated meant I didnt need to donate much cash. They clearly made a major mistake in ceasing the literature charge. They have been trying to figure out how to replace that income stream and so far don't seem to have hit on any good ideas. In the meantime reducing expenses makes sense. I do think they are overreaching with the local khs which injuring morale.

  • hybridous

    Does it really mean anything to predict that the JW religion will be 'still be around in 100 years'?

    What exactly, will be 'around in 100 years'?

    It's been observed many times over that today's WT cult is markedly different in many ways, when compared to what we were involved with a generation ago; even more divergent when compared to what our grandparents were involved with 2 generations ago.

    This 'religion' is evolving to find its homeostasis in a modern age with new pressures applied to it. It will continue to evolve and adapt to these pressures, or it will die. Each step it takes into the future removes it from its origins - ironic, given its grandiose claims.

    So if we fast-forward 100 years and look up the JWs, what will we find? A pared-down internet-based religion? Some weird mutant frankenstein that found common cause and merged with SDA and Mormons? Don't laugh! It's about survival at all costs.

    Whatever lasts won't be what's here now.

  • mikeflood
    We all know here that thanks to the Worlwide JW Charity Effort (TM) they are without money. But, seriously, they are cutting essential stuff, like the art for the Memorial invitations, which is gonna be the same...and selling KH brings money but hurts morale....
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Why is the Watchtower so short of money?

    It's a wonder they have any money in the first place? Watchtower's mental state is seriously in question? What rational and balanced organization would ask the following of its members unless there is something dangerously and critically wrong with the leaderships' thinking:

    "All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not." Watchtower 2013 Nov 15 p.20

    And then there is this from the August 2018 Broadcast from Watchtower where GB member Lett in so many words tells his viewers:

    'Obey the elders even if they tell you to paint the outside of the Kingdom Hall with a 2" paint brush"! Sure it would make more sense to use a roller, or a much wider brush or even a paint sprayer! But if they tell you instead to use a 2" brush...what's the harm?"

    That kind of talk my friends is scary...worse yet...desperate! And when wild thinking individuals or an organization like Watchtower have large sums of money at their disposal you know luck or fluke played a large role. A reckless leadership like Watchtower with assets and lots of money has a limited life span!

  • pepperheart

    Oh dear my kingdom hall is being sold off but the elders say that the watchtower is growing so that must be right

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Somewhat related question : whatever happened to their HUGE printing systems / lines that were set-up in Patterson or Wallkill NY. Machines so large that they were practically set on their foundations before the wall of the complex went up. I remember seeing vids on this a while back with the smug hard hat wearing brothers spewing BS ans snapping his suspenders about it all. Was quite the sight to see.. boasting USA

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