The most successful teaching of Jehovah's Witnesses and an amazing new book on the divine name

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  • slimboyfat

    Ah, I spoke too soon...

    Cofty, ask yourself, why should I have to confine the issue in a way that suits your particlar materialistic conception of reality? For many people it's an issue that has historical and religious dimensions that are not easily or appropriately disentangled. Really, what is with you, that not only do you feel the need to dictate which topics are trivial, but also the manner and terms in which other people should carry on their so-called trivial conversations?

  • cofty

    You begin with academic evidence regarding the divine name and when faced with an obvious inconsistency you resort to blaming "Satan". You lost any all credibility right there.

  • slimboyfat

    The inconsistency that was pointed out was a theological one not a historical one.

    The inconsistency was the tension between the competing claims that God has preserved the text of the Bible and also that the Bible was corrupted by the removal of God's name. Since this objection relates to the character of God and the probability of him acting in contradictory ways, it is entirely appropriate to answer this objection in theological terms. Within that frame of reference it is entirely appropriate to invoke theoloical possibilities such as God's unfolding revelation or the possible action of Satan. In fact it's impossible to offer a sensible response to such a theological question without involving such categories.

    You are as obtuse as someone who claims they have no objection to other people playing a game of Monopoly just so long as they refrain from throwing dice while doing so.

  • cofty

    So your assertion is that the divine name was used in the original version of the NT but god allowed Satan to have it removed and all but forgotten for 2000 years only to be rediscovered in a bastardised version by a disgusting American cult that has been wrong about absolutely everything.

    Is that a fair summary?

  • slimboyfat

    Ha! Is that a serious question?

    I would describe the discussion this way,

    A few people pointed out that there is a contradiction between the JW claim that the Bible has been reliably preserved and the claim that the divine name has been removed. I agreed that this is a real contradiction, and that I've not come across an official JW response to the problem. I suggested that there are a few responses one could make to this contradiction. On the one hand the removal of the name could demonstrate that the Bible is not inspired. On the other hand there may be ways of reconciling the contradiction within the parameters of faith. I said that one way this could be done would be to view the recovery of God's name at the time of the end as providential. I also stated I was not making a strong argument for this view but presenting it as a possible way of solving the contradiction as a believer in Jehovah God.

  • cofty
    Is that a serious question?


  • Irishdub
    OP :
    But the one teaching where they have been consistently ahead of the curve is the importance of Jehovah's name.

    Nothing could be further from the "TUTH"

    The emphasis of "phonetics" and guess work on vowels for the Hebrew "TET" by the watchtower Borg. is another prime example of a *religion of externals*.

    How was god's NAME Profaned among the Gentiles, when the Jews never used it ?

    JAH / YHWH's "REPUTATION" was profaned, (by hypocrites and religions of externals) in that, his name aka his character, qualities and reputation was sullied ! Romans 2:24

  • Irishdub

    Two scriptures I love to use when the knock comes to the door !

    Acts 15:14 ...A people for his NAME ..FIRST CENTURY

    "Simon has described to us how God first intervened to choose a people for his name from the Gentiles."

    acts 11:26

    ..The disciples were called *Christians* first at Antioch. (A people for HIS NAME)

    implications ..No *TET* guess work for a *doctrine of salvation* or proof of *God's only channel on earth* and emphasis on Christ's *qualities* of love, mercy etc, and the charachter that all Christians should reflect, that brings honor to God's reputation, that Jesus exemplified by his sacrificial love for mankind, That brought honor to God's reputation, not a correct pronunciation of a magical name .

  • Irishdub

    I guess I'm disfellowshipped and shunned from the "members only" and the "politics" sections on this forum, because of my previous posted negative views of TRUMP ....

    I guess the WTS GB "spirit/attitude" is still alive in Simon ! ..censorship ?

    Watch the attempts to censorship the *free press* in DEMOCRATIC USA !

    Its time to leave there (USA) and here (site ridden pop ups ) !

    Good riddance Simon !

  • Vanderhoven7

    Certainly there is a difference between inability to prevent the Father's name from being removed and allowing it.

    And since God is almighty he obviously allowed it.

    The question is - WHY?

    The answer is - it was His will that no one know it. If it was important for us and for our salvation or sanctification no doubt He would not leave us in the dark

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