Bethelites Vow Of Poverty

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  • sparky1

    "That contract is a one way street. I know from personal experience." - _Morpheus

    No shit. You were not a human being to most of the Bethel Overseers. You were a dispensable cog in the WATCHTOWER Organization.

    This is what the vow should look like:

    Be grateful for your food!

    Do your job!

    Shut your mouth!

    ___________________________Sign Here

  • Doubter

    Advice: don’t go to bethel. Your mistake.

    Humor me: tell me how you were mysteriously “forced” to read, agree to, and sign up to attend Bethel.

  • sparky1

    " I am a doubter, beginning on that path." - Doubter (from his profile page)

    I will cut you some slack and accept that you are sincere in posting here and want to learn some things about Jehovah's Witnesses and Bethel that you were not aware of. I won't question your sincerity in why you do and say the things that you do on this forum. Neither Morpheus nor I made any claims as to being "forced" into Bethel service. As ex-Bethelites we do have a right to express our opinion on what it was like to 'serve' there.

  • Doubter

    Ok fair, neither of you said that. But inevitably, in reference to Goodwin’s law, discussions with ex-jws comes down to being ultimately “forced” and “brainwashed” into “volunteering” (which are contradictions) to serve as an elder or going to bethel.

    So forgive me for attempting to cut that nonsense off before it begins.

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    Doubter - sometimes pressure and family expectations forces/coerces people to feel like they HAVE to go to bethel, pioneer, be an elder, etc because their families and friends expect it of them. That kind of pressure can be very intense on a person emotionally

  • Doubter

    In fact, the word “forced” was used in this very thread in reference to Bethel applicants.

  • pale.emperor

    Basically what I am saying is that putting stuff in writing projects them from frivolous lawsuits. It also prevents WT from reneging on their obligations if the applicant is not in breach.

    This is just basic stuff.

    I dont see anything in that contract that is of any benefit to the person signing it. You say volunteering is a two way street, I disagree (especially when it comes to this particular contract). Sure, they don't buy their own groceries etc but then neither do prisoners of your local penitentiary. Do they get to choose when/what to eat? Do they get to go home when they want? Do they get to mix with who they want? It's like the negro slave on the plantation say "we got it good here, we don't have to buy no groceries".

  • Doubter

    Yep, and now you’ve just basically lost the discussing comparing volunteering with modern day slavery.

    When people have no argument, they resort to hyperbolic cliches.

    lol — its sad, yet, funny.

  • sparrowdown

    I'd venture a guess and say it's similar in phrasing to a standard terms of agreement used for anyone applying to join any kind of religious order. In this case the big happy bethel "family." ("The Family" said in Godfather voice.)

    Just one of the JW voluntary actions that seems like a good idea at the time.

  • Doubter

    Now, just for the record, when there are no sanctions for not going to Bethel, it is by default, volunteering.

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