"Even if this wasn't the truth, I would still stay. This is the best life to live..."

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  • HereIgo

    I was recently told this by a JW family member when trying to get through to them. Does this quote indicate that maybe such ones have considered that the JW's may not have the truth after all? Or is that just my wishful thinking? Has anyone else heard similar phrases?

  • zeb

    I have heard this and I think it is quite pathetic.

    • So living for others you will never know telling you the all of your life, what to, how to, and so on.
    • living to go to meetings to hear what you have heard a hundred times before.
    • living for meetings and being told to avoid "that brother" who answers up at every question
    • ie being told to avoid other jw who are seen to be "murmerers" when they merely ask... "Why?"
    • raising your kids' to have no sound employable skillset.
    • Living amidst a sea of ever changing doctrine
    • drowning in cognitive dissonance as you try to deny to yourself things you know are not right.
    • et al
  • jookbeard

    my old man said this repeatedly , he also like the old chestnut " if I was the only jw left on the planet I'd still believe it" idiot.

  • pale.emperor

    I've heard this so many times. Embarrassingly, I've even said it myself when i was a JW.

    The best life to live? Compared to what exactly? If you were born in like i was what was i even comparing it to?

  • stillin

    Whatever peels your banana. I mean, yeah, it's stupid because we care about what's true and what's not, but if it makes them happy let them have it. There isn't enough happiness in the world.

  • ttdtt

    Funny at a circuit assembly about 5 years back, a DO brought that up in a talk.

    He pointed out how the was BAD reasoning.
    How if it wasn't the Truth - you are wasting your time and should be looking elsewhere.

    Of course, he spent the rest of the talk identifying why it was the Truth.

  • GoneAwol

    A friend of mine said this just last week. He is an elder, along with a few other youth elders. I told him his head was buried in the sand. He said that was probably true, but he was comfortable with it.

  • tiki

    I think a lot of it has to do with thinking that if you've been at it for so long and given it so much the idea of leaving makes you feel your life was an empty hole...and that's kinda hard to swallow. Once you do though....sweet freedom.

    I know of one man who had been in prison in wwII for neutrality and his response was like that...I was in jail for this...couldn't leave now after a lifetime. He died....90 something....so many have lost so much to religion.

  • stillin

    "Faith keeps you going, but doubt keeps you from going off the deep end."

  • Phoebe

    My dad said it all the time. He'd even say it to people in the ministry.

    It's had a bit if a revival now with the JW.Org strapline #bestlifeever Which I see on social media all the time.

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