Is Jesus Christ, Jehovah God? (Not the Father, but Equal to the Father)

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  • pale.emperor

    What could the Almighty NOT do?

    Show his face without killing the person in question...

    And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live. - Exodus 33:20

    Therefore Jesus cant be god, because people saw him and didn't die.

    Also, gods cant die. Jesus died. So Jesus was no god.


    Just think of Jesus as the humanoid probe from V’Ger in Star Trek. 🤔

    Also, the Ascended Master theory about Jesus makes more sense than the Trinity. 😎

    DD 😑

  • hooberus

    cofty wrote:

    “The Almighty could NOT make a four-sided triangle.

    The Almighty could NOT make a rock so heavy that he can't lift it.

    The Almighty could NOT create a married batchelor.

    The Almighty cannot be unequivocally God and be in subjection to God at the same time.”

    By definition triangles necessarily have no more than three sides.

    By definition bachelors necessarily have no spouse.

    However there is nothing in the definition of Almighty that necessarily prevents them from also taking on the nature of man. Nor as a man, from being subject to parents, or God the Father.

    if you are going to assert that this is not so, then explain what prevents Almighty God from also becoming a man and/or explain why God Almighty- as a man- could not (even if he wanted to) be subject to his earthly parents, and could not (even if he wanted to) -as a man- honor the Father as his God as all men should do.

    Using your ‘logic’ God Almighty COULD NOT agree to the Terms of Service and Posting Rules here and THEN POST HERE since he would then be in “subjection” to them.

  • cofty

    Hooby - If God has a God then Christianity is a polytheistic religion.

  • cofty

    Please describe and illustrate the trinity succinctly in your own words, avoiding esoteric language, without self-contradiction or heresy.

  • hooberus

    “. . . without self-contradiction or heresy.”

    Sorry, but I don’t trust your judgement on what is truly contradictory or heresy.

  • cofty
    Sorry, but I don’t trust your judgement - Hooby

    You don't have to. Everybody who reads your lucid and succinct description of the trinity will be able to judge for themselves.

    As for heresy the main three you have to avoid are Patripassianism, Sabellianism (also known as Modalism) and Tritheism. Most attempts to illustrate the trinity fall into one of these.

  • hooberus

    Cofty, anyone who is interested can easily obtain resources outlining and defending Trinitarianism. I have some books that I can recommend.

    I responded here to deal with one of your claims that you believe did not a reasonable answer from a Trinitarian perspective. An objection that you were repeatedly bringing up and demanding an answer to.

  • Exelder

    Does anybody EVER come off the victor in these pointless arguments?

    All I have ever witnessed (forgive the pun) is one person be more articulate or intellgent than the other and browbeats that person into giving up, but neither party have changed their mind at all.

    It is a waste of time and effort....and at the end of the day....who really cares?

  • cofty
    anyone who is interested can easily obtain resources outlining and defending Trinitarianism - Hooby

    Why can nobody describe the trinity succinctly in their own words? Could it be because all you will find in every one of those resources is pure sophistry?

    I used to be a xtian Hooby. I read systematic theologies for fun. I am not asking you to defend the trinity or to refer me to a book or website that does so. I am asking you, a christian, to explain the cornerstone of your beliefs as simply and succinctly as possible.

    Why is it so impossible for you?

    Hooby, Steel, Vander, JWA, ANYBODY?

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