Is Jesus Christ, Jehovah God? (Not the Father, but Equal to the Father)

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  • myelaine

    I did explain, to the best of my ability, in my last few posts on this thread.

  • cofty

    No you didn't.

    Imagine you are talking to somebody who has no knowledge at all about the xtian god. The have absolutely no idea that xtians believe in a trinitarian god. They have never even heard of the concept.

    Please describe the trinity succinctly in your own words, avoid esoteric language, without self-contradiction or heresy.

  • cofty

    I have asked this question many times over the past 9 years.

    So far it has only ever been met with either silence or anger.

  • smiddy3

    Jesus was a full blooded male human being when he was born from an imperfect human female Mary.

    So he would have been 50% imperfect in my book ,but apart from that fact this is what being a male is all about if Jesus was truly a human being.

    If he was truly human he would have experienced all things males experience in pre-puberty adolescence and adult -hood. as we all do/did.

    Pre-puberty male childs get erections from a very young age for no rhyme or reason known to them and the only way to get rid of it is to masturbate.

    So obviously Jesus went through this exercise also.

    The teenage years are when males go through what is termed the wet dreams stage where one is dreaming about sexual experiences and ejaculates in his sleep something that he has absolutely no control over because he is asleep.

    And while he was an adult he still would have gone through these physical needs the body puts you through and that you have to relieve yourself of either willingly or the body would do it for you.

    So obviously Jesus being truly human would have had these experiences also.

    Otherwise Jesus was not in any sense of the word a male human.

    { And we find many evidences of that in Scripture also ,such as his walking on water ,controlling the elements ,healing of the sick from life threatening diseases ,and raising people from the dead ,not something you or I can do as normal human beings ,so obviously Jesus was not a normal human being an equal to Adam because their is no indication in the Bible that Adam could do any of these things Jesus did}

  • punkofnice

    I have found this an interesting thread. It amazes me how I used to believe all this bible stuff. I was totally deluded until I started looking for evidence that Jesus even existed outside of bible accounts.

    Now, the whole jesus - god arguments seem so futile. A book that was supposed to be the inerrant word of god is so confusing to believers after all this time. Written in dead languages...why didn't an all knowing 'god' see that coming?

    Carry on darlings.......................


    But.... Does a person really have to believe Jesus is God to honor him as the Bible says to do??

    Why can’t a religion, let’s say JWism, honor Jesus because Jehovah says to honor him? After all, it’s easy to see that Trinity or no Trinity, God says to honor Jesus because you honor The Father by doing so.

    You could argue that by speaking more of The Father than of Jesus, especially since Jesus is supposedly in charge of all things by the will of the Father, that you would dishonor and disrespect God.


  • hooberus

    That Jesus is fully God and yet also fully human and as such he is in submission to his God and yet he too is unequivocally God Almighty and above all things (apart from his God).
    That contradiction.

    Cofty, So many of your points are mere unsubstantiated assertions.

    That someone who if fully and unequivocally God Almighty can also take on a human nature and become fully man as well is not contradictory.

    Why does it become contradictory if, as a man, he submits to his parents and honors them? Why does it become contradictory if as a man he honors God the Father as his God as all men are supposed to do?

    A contradiction occurs when a different position is taken on the exact same point. Such as:

    There is only one God and there are many Gods.

    Jesus is still a man and Jesus is not still a man.

    Nothing that I have written here is contradictory.

    To say that someone who is Almighty God COULD NOT also take on a human nature as well, and, as a man, honor the Father as his God is contradictory. What could the Almighty NOT do?

  • cofty
    What could the Almighty NOT do? - Hooby

    The Almighty could NOT make a four-sided triangle.

    The Almighty could NOT make a rock so heavy that he can't lift it.

    The Almighty could NOT create a married batchelor.

    The Almighty cannot be unequivocally God and be in subjection to God at the same time.

  • cofty
    So many of your points are mere unsubstantiated assertions - Hooby

    And yet you didn't identify even one.

  • cofty

    Please describe and illustrate the trinity succinctly in your own words, avoiding esoteric language, without self-contradiction or heresy.

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