The secret 10 year plan to save the watchtower .

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  • gavindlt
  • Diogenesister

    Wowzer wowzer wowzer!!!

    Boy, if all this actually happens....I won't have any issue with watchtower going forward.

    However, on behalf of those we lost on the way - those who've taken their lives over shunning, Or died through the blood issue - I will never let Watchtower leaders forget their evil cruelty

  • no-zombie

    Thanks for the link gavindit

    If this is true and the Governing Body considers the options from such private consulting firms, it will be a bitter pill for them to swallow. And it would be no wonder that the old timer Tony Morris pull the pin ... but a rude awakening for the newbies, Fleegle and Winder ... when they finally understand the GB just makes up the rules on the go

  • vienne

    Utter nonsense from a Russian anti-sect idiot.

  • NotFormer

    I'm not usually in agreement with Vienne, but this is all stuff from the wishlists that are regularly posted on here. Amnesty for disfellowshipped? I suggested it a while back: But I don't really believe that they're capable of the level of compassion that such would require. Linking it to Jubilee? At least get your facts straight: Jubilee was fifty, not seventy, years.

    The Norway thing caught them with their trousers down. If they were seriously going to change the disfellowshipping rules, they'd be negotiating with the Norwegian government, not fighting them in the courts.

    Blood issue? Heavily entrenched and open to huge amounts of litigation, no matter how much they are trying to now say they had no influence over "personal" decisions on blood.

    CSA? Again, too entrenched. They've had over a decade to get their crap together, ever since the ARC demonstrated that governments have begun to show interest, but they've just sat on their hands.

    The posited changes will bring people running to the WT in droves? Are you having a laugh?

    Tony Morris leaving because of the changes? Again, heavily speculated on here, but not one skerrick of evidence.

    This whole video is just a regurgitated rehash of discussions had here and on Reddit.

    But Diogenesister is right, this would be mind blowingly impactful if true. And she's right, they have too much blood on their hands; they must never be forgiven, nor what they did forgotten.

  • gavindlt

    It’s gonna be interesting to say the least.

    That’s why my motto in life for now is stay alive for 5!

    Just to see what these 8 fat men in America do next.

    Grab some popcorn, put your feet up and enjoy the televangelist show directed by marketing and the legal department.

    It’s a blockbuster show with 20 million JW,s totally unaware as to who is writing and directing this script!

    It’s G.O.D

    Only this G.O.D, are as the obese puppet Geoffrey Jackson admitted, were in fact, the G.uardians O.f D.octrine, and as was remonstrated in the Montana Case in court, were not the “Leaders” of the rank and file!


    Because someone else is pulling the strings.

    Stay Alive For Five!

  • slimboyfat

    If they drop shunning I think they’ll do it gradually in a way that doesn’t involve any great climbdown. They’ll just suggest that a little more contact with disfellowshipped people is reasonable, then a bit later talk about “reaching out” to people who’ve left the faith for whatever reason, and before you know it the days of hard shunning will be over. The change might then be papered over by a mixture of saying the light/truth gets brighter/clearer, Jehovah is merciful, it’s a new “provision”, and so on, plus downplaying how harsh shunning used to be in the past. That’s how they could get radical change on shunning over a period of a decade or so without having to effect a big climbdown or explicitly admit their previous policy was wrong or inhumane. I don’t think they need any outside advice on how to go about that, because they’ve managed similar changes on their own, for example when they watered down their opposition to ‘alternative service’ in the 1990s, which was a huge change for those affected but didn’t involve any mea culpa on the part of the GB.

    I don’t think they’d tie in any change with jubilees or cities of refuge or anything like that because 1) they have abandoned the typology involved in such applications of scripture in recent years and 2) an explicit amnesty could imply a fault with the previous practice when they are not in the habit of admitting fault and don’t find it necessary when making even big changes anyway.

  • notsurewheretogo

    What absolute nonsense.

  • gavindlt

    Slimboyfat. You could be right. There typology however is only abandoned in word, not deed. Their mentality hasn’t changed though. Whatever they do, their justification won’t be nominal or from a Christian perspective. They are more Jewish and orthodox in their reference to the Old Testament than most Christian faiths. That’s because they can’t find support for any of their doctrine conclusively from the New Testament. I mean they have abandoned Jesus Christ in effect. That’s why any alternative that leans towards human reasoning even suggestions from marketing or legal experts, to me makes some sense. Who else could they turn to. They have been found wanting and just like blockbuster I firmly believe they are going to fall. It’s not a mater of if but when. God who has judged her is strong.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    The OP is just wishful thinking. There is no master plan; the JW leadership just reacts, usually when it is too late.

    That being said, the recent changes to reporting, beard allowance, etc. point to their reacting to the declining membership and associated donations. There is undoubtedly more to come in the next year. It will be interesting to see. It's kind of like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

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