JWs in denial, so sad

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  • Simon

    I had a couple of JW sisters call at my door today.

    They started with the bizarre "can we read you a scripture" and read about "death being no more" and asked what I thought of that.

    I said it sounded like a mix of Disney and dumb.

    They then launched into how god was going to put an end to death and wasn't that wonderful?

    I said it would have been more wonderful if he'd not created death in the first place.

    They thought man created death by disobeying so I questioned why god couldn't have just forgiven them. Apparently "because he loves us" is supposed to be a satisfactory answer to why he kills us.

    I asked how loving it was to kill hundreds of thousands of children in Tsunami's, disease and so on.

    At this point, they gave up on the 'god is love' and switched to the bible being true no matter what because it was an old book and moses had written the first chapter (says the book).

    When I suggested it really wasn't that old and that most of the bible myths were copies of older stories from before it was written they questioned if I studied the bible and theology.

    Then I told them I was brought up as a JW so knew it was all crap.

    Now it was game on, they immediately switched to play defence questioning why I'd left (and I think they'd already taken a step back away from "the evil" obviously emanating from me).

    Not much time to say much before they cut and run so I told them I'd left because I found out it was all based on lies and that the WatchTower was corrupt and covered up things like child abuse.

    Oh no, you're thinking of the Catholics one of them said (some disdain in how she said "Catholics" as though "we're so much better than them").

    "Well, I challenge you to do a search for the Australian Royal Commission and you'll see the testimony the watchtower leaders gave and the damning evidence that they covered up abuse and reported none of it to the police."

    "Oh no, we disfellowship people like that" (like that is sufficient punishment for the crime). Well, I said, you'll have no reason not to check it out if you think they are squeaky clean. The fact is they didn't report crimes and allowed people to abuse others and the WatchTower put its own image ahead of the welfare of small children.

    And they were gone.

    Hopefully they will do a search and may learn things are not as they are portrayed. Talking to people in a cult who think they have the truth is so incredibly frustrating.

  • Angharad
    Yay we are now probably on a list so won't get called on again
  • dropoffyourkeylee
  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    And they were gone.

    Let me guess: They wanted to stay and talk with you longer, but they had people waiting in the car for them.

  • carla

    yep, your house probably has a big red x on it! good job!

  • ToesUp

    Great job.

    It's amazing how many of the uber dubs know nothing about what goes on in their own religion. Some that do know, just stick their heads in the sand. I believe those ones who know only stay in for the family and friends. Like they all say..."where else would we go?" Crazy!

  • Simon

    One was keen to try and "defend" the WTS but simply claiming everything was untrue and lies (and they were not like those evil Catholics!!) and the other was tugging her sleeve and whispering "let's go, leave it".

    I always think "that's it, they won't be back" but I don't think they are allowed to put you down as a DNC unless you specifically ask for it.

    So in 6 months some new pair will appear and we'll get to play again.

  • Dagney
    Amazing isn't it? NO human connection to billions dying. Nada. Zilch.
  • jookbeard
    a good anti witness, the amount of exposure the ARC has been getting recently can only lead to one thing, more haemorrhaging of members.The last couple of chats I've had about the ARC and the usual response that its all lies etc I tell them the victims are speaking out, are the victims lying?

    Not much time to say much before they cut and run.....Simon

    JW `s are the only people I know of..

    Who knock on strangers doors to tell them..


    We`re Too Busy To Talk To You..


    ......................Image result for jehovahs witness at door

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