JWs in denial, so sad

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  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Well it's such a blessing that the holy spirit instructed them to come to your house while you were home so that . . . err, wait - nevermind.

    They came to your door so that before you're destroyed you would have a chance to . . . err, wait - you'd already heard the message before.

    The holy spirit guided them to your door so that . . .

  • smiddy

    Maybe we should find out the address of JW`s in our area and do a house call on them when they don`t expect it and give them an anti-witness and see how they feel about being "witnessed to " at an inconvenient time .

    back to topic , How in the world can any Jehovah`s Witness  ignore Jackson a G.B. member  and Elders ,  pathetically not defending the" Good News" before a governmental inquiry in  the video streaming of the Australian Royal Commission held in Australia.?

    Can anybody really be that stupid that they dismiss such evidence ? facts ? And if so they need to be confronted with their insanity .


  • punkofnice
    Simon - Then I told them I was brought up as a JW so knew it was all crap.
    Now it was game on

    Wow. You got that far. I'm impressed.

    Oh no, you're thinking of the Catholics

    This is a real face-palm moment.

    "Well, I challenge you to do a search for the Australian Royal Commission and you'll see the testimony the watchtower leaders gave and the damning evidence that they covered up abuse and reported none of it to the police."
    "Oh no, we disfellowship people like that"

    More face-palm.

    They have no idea, do they?!

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I don't know what is more sad the denial or the hatred. By the hatred I mean the wry smile i often note on the Witnesses face at the end of the conversation it's a smile that seems to say. "Watch out buster, Jehover has you marked for destruction at armaggedon"

    Yes the saddest thing for me is that so many Witnesses can hate, promote hatred, and think they themselfes are loving people.

    The Rebel.

  • Simon

    I most enjoy the look when you say their god is a monster and they really have no answer for "why couldn't he forgive them if he's loving?" - whatever their answer remind them that they claim he forgave much more serious crimes (real crimes) than eating a piece of fruit.

    Using comparisons destroys their argument - force them out of the world of myth and story and make it concrete and human: e.g. so if you told your child not to eat any of the biscuits and they did, would you kill them for it and claim you were loving and teaching them a valuable lesson about not disobeying you? I think your god is a psychopath.

    They can't just use their glib "god knows what's best" lines for things like that.

  • DesirousOfChange

    They have no idea [about the ARC], do they?!

    Is the ARC really "front page" news in Canada or UK?

    In the US, it didn't even get a blurb in the news. If you initiate a conversation about it here with a JW, they will know you got it from "apostate" sources because no one else here gives a rat's azz about kids being abused on the other side of the globe. (If it was about Kangaroos being harmed, it would get a cover on Time Magazine.) The typical JW in the US doesn't even know about the Conti or Lopez trials.

    In fact, any of you reading this who are in California, did those trials get much mention by mainstream news sources there? I doubt it. No one cares about news regarding JWs because they are such a small % of readership.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    If this cong has a good reporting system, your address will be marked as 'Apostate' and then you might only get the elders once each year.

    Hopefully, they'll be curious and realize the WTBTS is no better than any; wherever imperfect humans form a union of any sort, there will be all sorts of atrocities committed, it's part of who we humans are.

    The claim that we have the absolute truth and that we're better is being proved wrong easily now that the world has gotten so small thanks to all the info available in the www.

    Well done Simon!

    On the inside, I drop logic bits here and there when the conversation allows it; however, in certain circles, this little practice has gotten me marked as 'somewhat questionable association'.


  • Rattigan350

    "can we read you a scripture"

    just say " What will that accomplish?"

  • Vidiot

    Simon - "JWs in denial, so sad..."

    I assume the "so sad" bit was meant to be facetious?

    'Cause - while I can't speak for anyone else - it really ain't breaking my heart.

  • Vidiot

    punkofnice - "They have no idea, do they?!"

    My JW mom seems completely convinced that if/when that kind of shit comes up (rarely, in her opinion, of course), the elders and the Society are completely forthcoming and transparent with the authorities.

    Something tells me the Org does very little to dissuade the rank-and-file of that mistaken notion.

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