JWs in denial, so sad

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  • cofty

    Damn I wish they would call on me!

  • prologos

    Satan: "-- if Russel banged 20 women, or if some pedophile was JW and they didn't call the police. agreed, compared to the happenings in the "Residential" schools, the RC church, Rotherham, Cologne, these are minor matters, tragic for the wt victims though they are. That is why the wt keeps trotting out David all the time, a man according to god's (the 7 guardians of doctrine)'s heart.

    The big issues are current and past prophecies, doctrines. procedures.

  • redvip2000

    It is interesting to observe the level of ignorance these folks have. They literally know nothing aside from what is taught in the meetings. The Watchtower keeps them so busy with multiple meetings, preaching, studying for meetings, family study, etc, that they have no will to research or know anything else.

    Also a complete disconnect with reality. Claiming the ARC story is false when there is overwhelming evidence including video of the testimonies, etc.

    No wonder the watchtower would much rather have these folks stand next to a cart, like scarecrows, lest they be exposed to any probing questions, by calling on people at doors.

  • Heaven

    They must dread knocking on doors like yours Simon. Well done!

  • LV101

    Simon that was great! Their heads must be spinning.

  • steve2

    Well, those two lovely sisters did not see that coming!

    I've got to also love the way they suddenly change gear once you provide an extra bit of information - but the changed gear adds nothing of substance to their reasoning. They simply extend the simple-minded narrative.

    Best line:Your response to their initial question about what it would be like if death were no more:

    "A mix of Disney and dumb". Ouch!

    Talk about bluntly apt.

    Now if only those two shaken sisters can compose themselves, ditch the fairy stories and do some serious thinking about what you said.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    I feel like a punk. The Spanish always come to my door, and there is some adorable kid with them. So I just say no thank you like a good little householder.

    Of course......I'm also trying not to be disfellowshipped.


  • Simon

    If there is a kid being dragged along then I talk to the adult but the message is for the child.

    Something along the lines of "oh, I was brought up to believe all that, but life is better since I got an education, saw it for what it is and left. I didn't want to go on being trapped in a cult and have it ruin my life".

    Basically: you can leave when you grow up.

  • Alive!

    Quite disturbing that the 'it's all lies' claim appears so many times - I WATCHED it LIVE - I heard the way the leaders tried to mislead the ARC representatives, under oath and in a court of law - there was very little that was open, candid or transparent in their demeanour and choice of phrasing - although I had already heard and detected 'manipulative' speech and underhanded phrasing through the literature, it really bowled me over to hear such words come from the actual GB member and of course senior Legal Personnel/Brothers from the Society.

    I felt a little sad for the elders under question - they were absolutely out of their depth in the face of honest and forthright questioning.....so many 'oh my goodness' moments - I'm glad I had already 'seen' the light, if I had watched the ARC proceedings in state of absolute trust and faith in the organisation, I'd have had a breakdown.

    Oh wait a minute - I DID have a breakdown, but that was a couple of years before the ARC rolled out. Sheesh. I was heartbroken.

  • zeb

    "...is so incredibly frustrating.."

    "Cast not your pearls unto swine lest they trample them under foot and turn and rend thee"

    re Alive comments on the ARC. They have been well informed by many of the tricks the elders and the gb got up to trying to deceive. 

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