JWs in denial, so sad

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  • DisArmed


    "Any changes, concessions or actions come from within." - DisArmed

    Perhaps a clairification. I should have written, within oneself. Didn't mean within organization.

  • Simon
    Waste of time, breath and energy.

    Why? What first started me to begin questioning what the WTS was told was discovering that they lied about things, precisely because someone challenged me over something I was completely convinced about.

    I may be a waste of time breath and energy, but it hardly costs a lot for any of those things and saving just 1 person has a knock-on effect - they don't recruit new members and may help other to leave too.

    They ar very vulnerable to people giving their members information, that is why there prime focus is so often trying to prevent that from happening at all costs.

  • Vidiot

    jookbeard - "... their only growth comes from third world nations who are not web savvy..."

    Not to mention poor as shit, so, good luck shoring up the Org financially.

  • Simon
    Not to mention poor as shit, so, good luck shoring up the Org financially.

    But however little they have, the WTS will be willing to take it from them.

    Those GB gold rings and iWatches aren't going to buy themselves ...

  • Finkelstein

    Being a JWS you are expected to hold up the organization as something distinctively wholesome and righteous ( this is Jah's chosen organization after all ) so when some factual information that deters that self imposed image comes forward, JWS usually run away or go into a state of denial, even lie if necessary .

    What I hear from JWS that I run into, is that the organization is done nothing irresponsible toward dealing with situations of pedophilia , the RC in Australia revealed nothing to dissuade that assertion.

    Whatever thinking the JWS are comfortable with is the thinking they will take on as a means to wash themselves clean of any misappropriate behavior.

    Are organization would never try and persuade or influence people to not make notice of this egregious criminal act of sexual abuse of children toward local police authorities.

    Unfortunately the lies will continue so will the pretentiousness, until law authorities make a strong enforcement for "ALL" religions , are to report any instances of sexual abuse of children within their organizations.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    I said it sounded like a mix of Disney and dumb.

    Haha! I have to use that line.

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