The positive achievements of Science and Religion in 2015. How do they compare?

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  • WireRider
    Yes, they follow orders. Who knows what really is in their heart.

    Real Christians don't have "orders" - we don't even have @&($$$ BS time cards. We are not enslaved by a for-profit company. At best we have a collective effort - or we go elsewhere - and no one threatens to hurt us or cut us of from our families. You know what's in their heir heart - because they are there. They can leave if they are not "in".

    Real Christians don't threaten or interrogate people with "groups of elders". You either are either there or you aren't - your personal choice. You can be just involved or uninvolved as you choose - you are always welcome.

    Has no one every got the irony that a "for prophet$$ publishing company" chooses to anoint people with the special title of "publishers"? That is not a biblical term at all. What do they write and "publish"? Ever? They are not allowed to publish - everything is "published" for them and propagandized forcibly spoon fed. Even answers to questions are written for them.

    Why is it that they cannot not even bring themselves to set foot in a God's "CHURCH". They are not even allowed to call their own buildings a "Church". They have to call them falsely "Kingdom Halls". Is that a Satan thing? Who tricks people into believing that they will inherit the world? For their help in conning people not to go to a God's church? The Watchtower is very ANTI EVERY CHURCH.

  • nicolaou
    Whatever you're smoking WireRider do it in your own topics, there's a good lad.

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