The positive achievements of Science and Religion in 2015. How do they compare?

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  • nicolaou


    Landed a probe on a comet, found liquid water on Mars and successfully completed a ten year mission to Pluto.

    Developed the first successful vaccine against Ebola, discovered another human species in Homo Naledi, developed cancer killing molecules and high intensity ultrasound therapies which avoid surgery and leave healthy cells alone. Successfully mapped the human epigenome and developed the gene editing tool CRISPR, it's potential for medical and agricultural advance is staggering!

    Found a way to produce graphene for a 1000th of the previous cost, developed cheap and sustainable methods to supply clean drinking water where water borne infections have been killing thousands, scaled up production of clean, renewable energy.

    There's loads more, please feel free to add to the list.



  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Religion achievements:

    Most religions reluctantly, but quite effectively and permanently, liberated many of their members, who are becoming free thinkers and able to, in direct ways or indirect ways, contribute to the advancement of science. That my friend is no small achievement. Kudos to the governing body, pastors, pope and many other religious leaders for their transparent lies and manipulation.

  • WireRider

    I don't understand why people insist on making the comparison. Is it judgmental or defensive? I honestly believe that in a million years we will find out that there is no real difference.

    Religion is worshiping things we don't yet understand. Science is the compulsion to find out what we don't understand. Both seek a better, longer, meaning of, life.

    What if we are here to play in this sandbox until we do figure things out? It could be by design. We want our kids to learn and figure things out on their own. Parents are encouragers - nurturers. I have striven to be an educational advocate for my Daughter - not handing answers. Now she is in collage to be a rocket scientist (seriously. she is majoring in aerospace engineering.)

    What is the comparison? If I were to argue on the side of religion, do you expect ALL answers to be at your feet for it to be real? Science is making great strides in knowledge. It doesn't depredacate religion. What if figuring out religion is the final goal of science? Both are human compulsions to find the answers/truth.

    Interesting tidbit I posted once. Article I read about 15 years ago. A graduate student was working on a paper and reviewing hundreds of brain scans. He thought he mixed up two folders as the results were nearly identical. One was scans of opiate addicts high during the scan. The other - of devoutly religious people praying during the scan. They had the same strong neural activity in certain areas of the brain. I think humans were intentionally designed with a predisposition for religion. There is a big missing gap of human evolution that no one has been able to explain. Just maybe humans are interested in religion because of the science that went in to us - and maybe religion and science will finally converge when we find our answers - which might be the same thing.

  • cofty
    Religion is worshiping things we don't yet understand. Science is the compulsion to find out what we don't understand. Both seek a better, longer, meaning of, life

    Religion is asserting we know things that we do not.

    Religion is about the benefits of an an after-life. It is about death not life. It belongs to the infancy of our species.

    2015: The Year in Science - In Pictures...

    The exploration of Pluto was a highlight.

  • Ruby456

    interesting research wireRider - thanks

  • nicolaou

    WireRider, my opening question was clear and fair. Cut out your usual waffle and name one positive achievement of religion in 2015.

  • WireRider

    Christianity is more about existentialism and more about the celebration of life. Sure - short life span and there is more. When it comes. It is not on the calendar for Feb 1st 2016. It is not on any calendar.

    the Adventists and Arianists are focused on hurry up hurry up - Armageddon - can't wait. Hurry. Hurry.

    Religion is asserting we know things that we do not.

    Yes. But science is asserting we know things that we do not. And then we set out to prove it to the best of our evolving abilities. Both require a certain amount of "faith" - or theory No one in science just ambles around aimlessly. Religion is a science, a faith, we are just far from proving it, to our satisfaction, either way. We don't have the definitions yet or the words. We'll get there. I just hope that people are not disappointed by the answers. What if humans reach a point to control weather, terraform a planet, genetically manipulate the indigenous animals - does that make us God? - or do we finally solve religious questions? Not that far off.

  • Ruby456

    okay re one positive achievement of religion

    Religion empowers people to get over feeling small and inferior and alone - it does this enough so that people can participate in life. (atheist coming from a religious studies approach)

    how's that Nic

  • WireRider
    WireRider, my opening question was clear and fair.

    Your opening question was clear, but it is not fair. It is not a mutually exclusive argument to propose. I commented because I see it a lot and don't understand it. Why does Religion vs. Science have to have a winner? Why does there have be a winner?

    Let's put it this way, probe had closer that ever picture of Pluto - water is a provable probability on Mars. The Voyager probe has left our solar system. How has any of science dicredited religion?

    The Watchtower doesn't help anyone but themselves. Mainstream religions in 2015 have help many many people throughout the world. Christians (Catholics and Protestants) have helped to support millions of people around the world. 2015 and every year. The homeless and the needy. No matter who they are and whatever faith they have. Nothing has necessarily has changed. The Christians help and serve people. The Watchtower demands more money from a slave sales force and says fuck everyone else - including police, ambulance, and firefighters they fully expect tax exempt for free - a blight on society. I have to pay there share and they do nothing to support the communities they invade and completely annoy.

    Christians have not changed in a long time. They help everyone needing help every year. What does close up pictures of Pluto do to help people?

  • nicolaou
    Religion empowers people to get over feeling small and inferior and alone

    Does it? That's very subjective Ruby, I could point you to dozens of threads on this forum where individuals explain how they've been made to feel small, inferior and alone because of religion!


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