The positive achievements of Science and Religion in 2015. How do they compare?

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Christians have not changed in a long time. They help everyone needing help every year.

    Yes, they follow orders. Who knows what really is in their heart.

    Humanism, independent thinking, science, classical Greece and Rome have done far more for poor people than Christians have. Imagine life in the days of Jesus Christ for the poor. Then imagine that the Renaissance, the Reformation, the French and the American Revolution (to mention just 2 of the main social revolutions), the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, the social movements of independence such as the Indian independence (to mention just one of many), the movements to bring equality of races and genders...yes imagine that none of these secular movements ever existed. If these movements, mainly fueled by secular thinkers, had never existed, we would have conditions for the poor exactly as they were in the days of Jesus Christ, a time when people died of a simple tooth infection. If you like that, wait for scientists to invent the machine to travel in space-time and go live the life of a Christian at the beginning of the common era. I actually may pay a visit to find out how the whole scam started and developed, but no way I want to get stuck there.

  • freemindfade
  • freemindfade
    What has atheism "produced" ever?

    This might be one of the worst questions I've ever heard on here. Almost like a JW said it.

    Theism is a belief and ideology, atheism is nothing more than not subscribing to that. How could "it" produce anything???

    Atheism has nothing to do directly with scientific progress, do you think that conveying the best available scientific information is a religious act? If you abandon faith in supernatural things because of science, as many do, that is a collateral benefit to critical thinking. Not a product of "atheism". I believe it works the other way around, atheism is a product of knowledge.

    Its too early in the week to smack my head

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    What has atheism "produced" ever?

    Just to add to what Nicolau said, science is not pro atheism or anti religion per se, it's anti blind trust or belief founded on bad evidence. Christians, and other religion's main methods (faith based) happen to be quite the opposite of science main methods. I believe that the essence of this thread is to compare which method yield better results, scientific method or the religious method

  • freemindfade
    What has atheism "produced" ever?
    1. Atheism has produced nothing
    2. Critical thinking and knowledge has reclaimed atheism out of ancient superstitions
    3. Ignorance produced religions
    4. Religions produce ignorance
  • slimboyfat

    Inconvenient fact: Religion produced the enlightenment. So every scientific achievement is at base a religious one.

  • freemindfade

    Many great minds were members "of the church". If it weren't for the church however their progress could have been much greater. I don't think its fair to say its because of the church (take Galileo for instance having his findings suppressed by who? The church).

    Many who made scientific advancements were in fact christian's and Muslims too, some even monks and priests. Did they make them because of Christianity or Islam?

    The religion worked against progress, and progress happened despite that. Doesn't make religion a champion of science.

    Its two different things.

    Religion was a product of mans imagination and superstition. But it also suppresses real knowledge, many who would make these advancements were also considered trouble makers and heretics.

    "In contrast, the groups that opposed science in classical antiquity were small, few, rare, and ultimately powerless. That is exactly the opposite of what happened under Christianity." . -Historian Richard Carrier

    During the medieval period the little science that did occur progressed with little religious influence or, in most cases, in spite of Christianity, but not because of it

  • nicolaou

    Slim' you posted a link to a book, I offer a link to a scathing review of that book.

    This is not debate Slimboy' and we can both do better than this.

  • ttdtt

    Listen, when someone thinks everything is made by god, it kills interest in curiosity.

    "why is the sky blue dad." "cuz god made it that way" "oh, ok"

  • Landy

    Slim - just come back to this but others have pretty much covered it.

    If we look to sky fairies to explain what we don't understand then we will never try to explain it for ourselves. And that is a bad thing.

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