The positive achievements of Science and Religion in 2015. How do they compare?

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  • slimboyfat
    You haven't met the fishmonger in Kilmalcolm.
  • bohm
    Well, Aslan the lion just came to the board and told us the worlds is going to end before the next season of GoT, I think that's pretty significant.
  • Landy

    Religion hasn't made a positive contribution to anything. Ever.

    It's been nothing but a hinderance to mankind's advancement.

  • slimboyfat
    What has atheism "produced" ever?
  • cofty
    What has atheism "produced" ever?

    Lacking a tendency to ascribe everything to unseen supernatural forces has made all of science, medicine and technology possible.

  • slimboyfat

    From Issac Newton and James Watt to Ben Carson or Francis Collins is there any evidence that atheism makes you a better scientist, doctor or engineer?

    Besides you seem unaware that the ascription of material explanations to natural phenomena is in fact a religious innovation. It occurred within the religious tradition first not outside it. See Max Weber on disenchantment down the ages.

  • nicolaou

    This topic has nothing to do with atheism Slim'. I wonder why you'd try a diversion like that?

    Also, this topic is not some smug attempt to prove that "religion isn't science". It is an attempt to demonstrate the superiority of science over religion as a way of advancing human knowledge, health and happiness.

    It's not the only way of course. The arts, sports, literature and yes, even a religious way of life do it for some people. I've never denied that.

    But I was asking for specific examples of positive achievements. I gave many for science and have heard little for religion.

    And consider this. A vaccine for measles helps everyone, regardless of their faith or creed. What religious benefit can you name that also has a universal benefit?

  • Laika
    The religion where I meet uses it's meeting place to provide shelter, meals and community to homeless people each week. That's a tangible benefit religion makes to about 40 people.
    To me personally my religion has continued to form me 'spiritually', helping me with practices that make me calmer, more content, and generally less anxious/afraid.
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