GB bites off more than they can chew!

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  • fastJehu
    ... But I think the point of this post is hard copy, it would seem that English is the only language available and that seems to be backed up by the WT article.

    Any elder (or literature assistent) here on board could check, if these languages are available in print.

  • atomant
    Maybe satan gave the translators writers block.lts satans fault.
  • fastJehu

    Also very interesting is this qoute from § 9:

    This is a prime reason why the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses has given priority to making available to as many people as possible a Bible that honors God’s name.

    So, why not one bible is offered (displayed) on the carts?

  • konceptual99

    This is very interesting. I had no idea that the RNWT was so limited and the quotes re the Albanian Bible are a great catch! You would have expected that the major languages of the world would be well represented 3 years down the line. No French, Spanish or German let alone anything in Mandarin or Arabic.

    Most of the languages are fairly limited in number of speakers. I suspect they were working on translations of the previous version and switched to the RNWT.

    You have to bear in mind as well that the organisation has spent a lot of money downsizing bethels to make Regional Translation Offices. What are these people doing?

  • LostGeneration
    Eh give em a break. Their "translator" GJack has been busy down under.
  • stephanie61092
    Thank you so much for posting this information!
  • biblexaminer

    I will add to this another piece of information. If you would just happen to be on the jw.borg site trying to find out what languages the NWT rev. Ed. Is available in, you would find that you cannot just pull up that info. Your search criteria must be language specific. So you have to go through every language one by one to gleen that info.

    I have no knowledge that the NWT rev. ed. Is available in ANY language other than English.

    Furthmore, if you look at some of the languages that have the NWT old ed. available in, you will see that they SLAPPED THE NEW GREY COVER ON THE OLD NWT TO FOOL ONLOOKERS...!!!

    I think, with all this smoke and mirrors, they should add a new category on to the literature desk.

    Miracle Wheat !

    (1) Cup

    (2) Bag

    (3) Bushel

    (4) BFI Dumpster

    (5) Mass Grave

  • wannaexit

    Yesterday's paragraph 13, and 14 were a perfect example of a "red herring." The writers did a good job at diverting attention from the fact that their wonderful Bible isn't available to most of the world. The fact that they prefaced by saying that "Satan tries to block such efforts", is a clear indication that things aren't going well . At least not presently. I would like to ask: Where is the holy spirit? Is it in the "privy"? Or did it go on vacation and forgot that it has a job to do?

    When Anthony Morris visited Italy, the witnesses were certain that they would get the new Bible. he said to them something to the effect that YOU ARE THINKING YOU ARE GETTING THE NEW BIBLE, BUT YOU ARE NOT GETTING IT". They still haven't received it.

  • ttdtt

    In time, the revised New World Translation will be made available in more languages. Satan tries to block such efforts, but we trust that Jehovah wants to have all his people listen as he speaks to them in clear, understandable language.

    HOW? BY shutting down Branch Offices and Laying of thousands of Bethelites?

    Maybe the WEATHER wasn't conducive to translating?

    Or the Translators are to busy watching Porn on their SmartPhones?

  • biblexaminer

    Personally, I'm of the belief that Watchtower will never finish this project. Perhaps, English will be the only language that the NWT rev. ed. will ever appear in.

    I think their resources are tapped out. I think that their financial troubles go far beyond what we know.

    When I compare their behavior, as of late, to other big companies that have had troubles, what I see is a large unseen liability sucking the life out of their asset column, as in the case of a Ponzi scheme.

    I am now of the belief that the buildings in NY are being sold to cover a large debt that has gone undisclosed. A debt that the GB foolishly worked up to unmanageable levels and a debt they felt they would never have to repay because "The End" would come first.

    In other words, the Watchtower Fable & Trick Society is DEAD BROKE.

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