Major Doctrinal Changes Must Be On The Way

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  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    So many good points...@ Steve2, I was thinking that too. As a matter of fact, I started a topic on this is how I think they will show how they are being persecuted....because as I said before, if you read Luke ????. It gives the sign of what to look for but the verses right after that says, these things won't happen until they are taking to jail or persecuted, I forget it came to will they spin this....that's when I thought about all the stuff going on in Australia & other parts of the world...that may be why they are quiet about it...that's their trump card.

    A part of me thinks when the religion first began, they wanted to distance their doctrine so far away from other doctrines, I think they went too far...they ran ahead of the scriptures & now they are trying to back track. Most of their doctrine is pretzel logic...again, now because of the internet, of which I think they monitor, they find out, that folks are not stupid & can read...

    So if God or the holy spirit talks to them, not inspire them, how do they come up with this stuff to right...the next question that should appear in the "Questions from Readers". So if you are not inspired & do you get your information....if they say, the Holy Spirit, then one could say, oh when the holy spirit directed you....did you have on earphones...or do you need a hearing aid. The holy spirit is either lying or you guys which is it...does the Holy Spirit misdirect or do you mishear then misdirect the flock...The holy spirit is from God/Jesus...the scriptures say, they don't what's the story????

    They are CYA, for some reason, that we may get to find out or not....But as Steve2 says, persecuted for Pedophile, that's not persecution, that's's not like they are being persecuted for a good reason...they are guilty & they know it...they have been pointing fingers at out religions, &'s now them...There are too many stories & they won't be able to squash them all... One day, major media will pick up stories of JW's. They are shelling out so much $$$ for so many things, they can't keep up with the holes in the dam.

    We will just have to wait... at this point, it could be something or nothing..remember the meeting about tight pants...'nuf said.


  • TerryWalstrom

    Source of Jehovah's guidance?

    1. Great Pyramid measurements

    2. Angels

    3. Holy Spirit

    4. Magic 8 Ball--Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

  • redvip2000

    The possibility of losing their charity status would hit them very hard financially. And we all know how much money matters to the organisation.

    Hmm I wonder how much influence the financial side of the organization has on the doctrinal side. In other words, the board from the corporate side must have some influence on the GB on the doctrinal side. I wonder how much, and if for example if the corporate side makes a determination that a certain situation will impact their finances, they can influence the GB to then make doctrinal adjustments to mitigate that situation. Imagine a conversation along the lines of: "You guys must change this or else..."

    I'm convince this certainly happens, and it's obviously shameful if the money controls the doctrine.

  • Finkelstein

    I'm convince this certainly happens, and it's obviously shameful if the money controls the doctrine.

    Of course it does it always has since the WTS. was Incorporated in 1881.

    You could realistically say the WTS doctrines were commercially inspired toward the proliferation of the WTS's publications.

    Press an argument toward those doctrines or say the GB heads are not God's solemnly chosen ones would quickly get you booted out of the organization by disfellowshipping.

  • tor1500

    Hi Again,

    Love this subject, we can all go to the town of what the changes.....may be.

    I was just looking at Matt.24:45-47 Who really is the faithful and discreet* slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time?+ 46 Happy is that slave if his master on coming finds him doing so!+ 47 Truly I say to you, he will appoint him over all his belongings. So the master appointed his domestics to give food at the PROPER TIME. So when is the proper time? Are we eating too the food not cooked yet ? If a master appoints someone, it's because they are trusted....Are we not ready for the food? What ?First of all this is a me it ready....I don't think this scripture was meant to be read & for someone to take the position of the faithful slave. Just like in the paragraph, it mentioned that if we helped the least we helped them...Again, Jesus was saying if you helped someone who had less than you, you were helping Jesus...this is not about the all.

    Even the bible says some of what Jesus says were in illustrations, because what he wanted to share with folks was too deep for their can an org. apply themselves to the illustrations & say, hey, that's us/me.

    All denominations are about $$$$. At first they want to save lives but you can't keep a church open on dinners & raffles.

    The org. ran so far ahead of the scriptures they can't justify most of what they tell the friends...but their pride won't let them really come clean. I do believe that if the org. really came clean...I mean really...folks would stay...but at the same time, the org. couldn't control the flock...because the flock would, now....remember, you are not inspired & you can be wrong, because you are imperfect, just like us.


  • Vidiot

    fisherman - "How can the WT err in org direction?"

    Usually, just by making a decision. :smirk:

  • Splash

    w2010 4/15 p. 9 par. 12 "Holy Spirit's Role in the Outworking of Jehovah's Purpose"
    Jehovah uses his spirit to lead his organization in the direction that he wants it to go.

    w2017/2 p. 26 par. 12 "Who is Leading Gods People Today?"
    The Governing Body is neither inspired nor infallible. Therefore, it can err in [...] organizational direction.

    The above two WT quotations are mutually exclusive, so which one is true and which one is a lie?

    1. Does God lead the organization or does the GB?
    2. Is the organization spirit lead or not?

  • keinlezard


    And , if simply this article is here because of pedophilia problems ?

    I explain, since 2 or 3 months I heard in KH that "the end is near" , and that "Real Believers" ( JW ) will be more and more prosecuted by satan...

    If this "GB are not perfect" will prepare JW to listen that the Organisation have problems and many millions of dollars of donation dissapear in Trials ...

    Just another mean for GB to avoid assuming their reponsabilities ?


  • Fisherman
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    You got my vote.

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