Major Doctrinal Changes Must Be On The Way

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  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I agree with Steve2...this is about the ARC, they know that the friends know, but won't talk nor ask. But they have to save face. The changes can be any number of things. They are so sure we are living in the last days, but in Luke, it says, these signs won't happen until there is a persecution...I think they are setting the stage via Australia & saying this is it, you all....GT has's happening right now in Australia...we have been fighting in courts, they want us to pay up, or go to jail....that's one spin...OR...they have been monitoring the Ex-JW's web-sites...& they have painted themselves into a corner with their doctrine....Folks can read & comprehend now. Also, they can see the baptisms are going down...

    They can no longer say, Jesus is Michael, when it says in Hebrews, "To which angel, did he ever say you are my son" just can't beat that. They can no longer say, the rider on the horse with a bow without an arrow is Jesus, for one, how can you ride out then come back & open up another scroll....Stevie Wonder could see that...even in braile...1914, nothing in the bible to point to that date...they can say 607BC until forever, but all other books say another date..can't remember the date...Christ wasn't born on Xmas...who knows...back in the south when their were slaves, many didn't have birth certificates so they celebrated their birthdays whenever...So Chris wasn't born on Xmas, he was born so our sins will be forgiven, so what matters is that he was born...144,000, not defiled by women...that just may be literal...

    The internet is poking holes in their doctrines...& they know it...the internet is exposing them...& they know it...

    They are trying to keep control....

    For me, just teach what the bible says, don't add nothing....about, blood, sex, drugs & rock & roll, let each one be accountable for themselves...we don't need no stink'in GB/Edler police...


  • flipper

    " The GB is neither inspired nor infallible " . It might also be a " saving face " move or statement covering the GB's ass if any of them got indicted on criminal charges concerning child abuse issues, no blood transfusion issues, or financial finagling issues that gets them breaking the law. You know- a way of preparing the " flock " that they are just imperfect men doing their " best " in this wicked world.

    The GB are so constipated in whatever BS they put out there- they are about to explode

  • sparrowdown

    I remember in year before the announcement was made that they had decided to axe the bookstudy citing " reducing midweek travel burden for the brothers" as their reason there was studies in WT or KM or maybe both where the book study was praised as being such a blessing blah blah. Then when it was dumped I thought hmm so that's the change code if they start reminiscing about how wonderful an arrangement is and start going into it's divine inception etc then it could be the "windup music" for that particular arrangement.

    I think WT does reveal their intentions before they carry them out and so this statement of infallibity could be laying the groundwork for some future change.

    But this is WT we're talking about The Kings of Spin and The Masters of Confusion so.....

    Maybe yes, maybe no.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I haven't read all the posts on this thread, but think they have absolutely no other option but to change things big time. The charity commission here in the UK are looking into the organisations policies on safeguarding and shunning. They will be scrutinizing everything. The possibility of losing their charity status would hit them very hard financially. And we all know how much money matters to the organisation. Couple this with the Australian Royal commissions inquiries and you have some serious storm clouds ahead.

    When it comes to damage control, the hawks at watchtower headquarters MUST be working very hard behind the scenes.

  • poopie

    Agree with not sure where to go key words doctrinal changes.

  • poopie

    Word changes is different from clarifications table is now set for major change.

  • Fisherman

    "..or in organizational direction" How can the wt err in org direction?

  • Vanderhoven7

    Drop 1914 and everything unravels since you must drop 1918 (first resurrection + rejection of Christendom) and 1919 (slave appointment + conferring of spiritual authority).

  • Fencing

    If there is a major doctrinal change coming, it's almost guaranteed to be the 144,000 becoming symbolic. They've been putting the pieces in place for the past several years - reducing the "importance" of being anointed, throwing shade on partakers as possible a little nutty, removing all "authority" from the remnant by making only themselves the F&DS. Rising partaker numbers is still a problem they can't explain away.

    I predicted to someone 4 years ago that, within 5 years, they would drop the 144,000. I still think that's very possible.

    I think that's more likely than 1914 being dropped.

  • Steel

    I know this isn't a very popular opinion around here but when the WTS makes a statement this stupid , it's just done out of mockery.

    There is a spiritual realm and dark forces at work and they are just making fun of the rank and file.

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