Major Doctrinal Changes Must Be On The Way

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  • prologos
    nswtg: "Point it out to them that they may be pissing off God by obeying a wrong doctrine.

    This is an argument that deserves repeating. assuming that the creator would want to sort out candidates for future life? : he would not want to have gullible dunces. If wt is a tool to fool, they would be classed with the talking snake and Judas. nice company. They clearly provided false doctrine, prophecy, whether they admit it now or not.

    All that have repudiated wt doctrine would be in good standing.

  • minimus

    The governing body has always separated themselves from other parts of the religion/organization. They have always put the burden on the elders so that they would not be responsible for whatever actions took place under the direction of the governing body.... if the faithful and discreet slave is really the governing body then it just shows that the faithful slave can make errors

  • steve2

    No one's mentioned the most obvious "doctrine" that they may be legally required to alter: The "two witness" rule in cases of alleged child sexual abuse.

    The organization is coming under huge fire from the Australian Royal Commission of Inquiry into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. There will likely be huge financial costs due to the organization's literal application of Mosaic "principles" - and the threat of legal repurcussions can cause the most rigid thinkers to loosen up.

    BTW, SBF's comment, "I have got 1914 correctional fatigue at this stage" is priceless. Yes, ever since Ray Franz's Crisis of Conscience from the early 1980s, speculation has run rife over whether they will ditch the date.

    I guess in the overall scheme of things, the date will recede into the past and be yet another religious doctrine that goes the way of the do-do bird.

  • xjwsrock

    I read through the entire thread and agree 100% with Steve2. This is about pedophiles if it's about anything. Here's a quick reason why - the other doctrines aren't costing them millions of dollars and trouble with major governments!

    Also, I agree this double-speak in the WT is not new. I will add this though:

    The JW's have already swallowed the mind-twisting concept that GOD'S DIRECTION IS INTERMITTENT!

    Look, these are just imperfect men that love Jehovah and have dedicated their entire lives to the doing of his will and the preaching of the good news in every corner of the earth. They pray for God's Holy Spirit before they teach anything or give any direction. Occasionally, though, these men run ahead or allow their imperfections to get in the way, and Jehovah allows this for a while. But we know that Jehovah lovingly corrects the faithful slave in time and redirects their step. Even the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for years before finally being directed to the promised land. May we be determined to follow Jehovah's direction wherever it leads and always be ready to obey his faithful and discreet slave!

    So says the super dub.......

  • TheWonderofYou

    Doesnt "we can err" sound more likely like a lousy "Pardon" as to all past errors than already for potential future ones?

  • Londo111

    I agree that a symbolic 144000 meaning an small, unspecified number would not be that radical.

  • prologos
    xwjr: --"Even the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for years before finally being directed to the promised land, may we-- be determined to follow--

    yeah, only two made it into Palestine, the rest were the overlapping generation. History repeats itself.

  • xjwsrock


  • redvip2000

    Sometimes the GB will prepare and entire article just to make one single point, and I think this point about not being inspired is the point they are trying to make here, considering the increasing exposure of their mistakes.

    I thought this was great. I've been looking for a recent quote that says exactly this. Last time my sister and I debated religion she specifically said the reason why she believed the GB, is because they are inspired, even though I pointed that this is not true, which they admit. She was not convinced, but now she must be.

  • prologos
    ntswtg: "--It is a game changer, if they can say that, and then change major doctrines AND STILL get them to believe it is "the truth" then the GB will be very happy with that.

    They should be happy, for they have then implicated the remaining elders in the enforcement, teaching of errors. They have compounded the responsibility and prepared the way for the "heavier judgement " to come, divine, or secular.

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