Is Michael Jackson Guilty?

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  • gumby

    I've always given Michael J. slack. He definately is not what by far....most people......would consider anywhere near normal, but I have always liked him. It's easy to suspect someone who has strange ways such as he does, of allegations that might be brought against them. You say to yourself....."he's so freakin weird....I can believe he done it". That's a bad reason. I would think a profiler could make a good guess whether he is guily or not.......just by his habits.

    I vote him innocent.


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  • fearnotruth22

    I dont know, but he is a weirdo. Although it si not ublawfu for an adult male 45 years of age to sleep in the same bed with little boys, it seems to me that such a person has mental problems to say the least. But being a nut does not make one guilty of the crime of child molestation. Just as the attorneys of so many insurance scammers have convinced judges and juries to award millions, so too have presecutors been able to convince a jury of the guilt of an innocent man.

  • LDH

    Of interest, the young man and the center of this storm has made these accusations against others. His parents have settled out of court with other people whom their son has accused.

    Regardless of MJ personal Idiot-syncrasies, you must accept that there are parents out there who manipulate their children for their own personal gain.

    Remember the case in the 80's of the family owned daycare here in California, they were all accused of molesting children repeatedly. Their lives were ruined, the mother died, and the son spent many years in prison until it was realized (finally) that there was NEVER ANY MOLESTATION.

    It was a Salem Witch Hunt. Everyone wanted to believe it because what else would a middle age man be doing spending so much time with children? Especially in California, which the rest of the world loves to demonize as the land of Granola (fruits, nuts, and flakes).

    I dislike MJ but I will hold off on making a moral judgement.


    This ain't Mexico, kids! Class

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