Is Michael Jackson Guilty?

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    zen nudist
    Any sexual crimes prosecutor would conclude likewise.....

    From conversations I have had with police who are also nudists and watch out for pedophiles at nudist resorts, I would tend to agree with you about the signs.

    Fixation is a strong signal... we tend to have our attention moved by what our strongest emotion is... if our attention gets fixated in one area for a long period of time, you can bet there is a very powerful emotion behind it, of the addiction sort which is generally tapped straight into the endorphin bin.... leading to those sorts of behaviors that will make a person sacrifice his career and friends, and even his own life for.... like those rats who were wired to provide shots of endorphins by tapping a bar.... they could not even feel hunger or thirst as important to them and just tapped that bar until they died.

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    William Penwell


    The 1993 law suite was an out of court settlement. MJ never admitted to the guilt and had a gag order put on the accusers. A question that was raised, can this crimnal judge call up the accusers of the 1993 civil case as witnesses or is the 1993 case closed? If someone is under a court order not to discuss any details of a case, can a judge over rule the orignal gag order?



    Come now Shamus I know why your so curious what people think of M.J.

    Need I say more ?


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Last night on FoxNews, Van Sustern interviewed a mother and son who spent time with MJ. The mother says she has no problem allowing her kids to be with MJ. The son said, all types of children are around MJ and he has no so-called 'secret' room which some claim he has.

    The latest news was about a video camera that was installed in the plane. This camera vide taped MJ and his lawyer. Whether it was MJ's video is not certain. One thing is certain, if it isn't MJ's, someone is in deep, deep, deep trouble! When one lawyer heard of this particular news he was willing to take this case on for free in behalf of MJ!

    Some how I'm smelling some serious lawsuits coming out of this ordeal. I'm getting out my soda and popcorn for this show.

    Guest 77

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  • Gerard

    Raids target private detective, videographer, sources say

    Tuesday, November 25, 2003 Posted: 2:43 PM EST (1943 GMT)


    SANTA BARBARA, California (CNN) -- Detectives with the Santa Barbara, California, County Sheriff's Department have searched the Beverly Hills office of a private detective hired by pop-icon Michael Jackson, as well as the home of Jackson's videographer, CNN has learned.

    The sources who disclosed the locations of the raids would not discuss what evidence might have been seized. The raids were carried out after officers raided Jackson's Neverland ranch on November 18.

    Sheriff's Department officials said on November 18 that two additional locations had been searched but at the time did not say where those locations were.

    Jackson was arrested and booked on suspicion of child molestation last week and was released after posting a $3 million bond.

    Formal charges will not be filed before mid-December, a source close to the investigation told CNN.

    Jackson is scheduled to be arraigned January 9 in Santa Barbara Superior Court. A single count of child molestation can carry a prison sentence of up to eight years. (Full story)

    Jackson has denied the charges and on Monday the singer launched a Web site dedicated to countering what he called "a big lie" -- the child molestation allegation. (Full story)

    The alleged victim in the Jackson case participated in a documentary about the pop star, a source close to the child's family told CNN.

    Investigators also have begun checking almost 70 calls from people claiming to have information about the investigation.

    "Those calls need to be screened and we haven't been able to substantiate all of them as actual tips," a law enforcement source told CNN. "Hopefully, they will be screened, check out thoroughly, and we will take it from there. Of course you have to figure some may be nuts."

    The source said that documents in the Jackson case that can be released to the public are likely to be posted on a department Web site, even though the department is having trouble keeping up with the Web traffic the case has generated.

    The source said the department's Web servers were shut down by heavy traffic after Jackson turned himself in to the department and was booked.

    The Sheriff's Department posted Jackson's booking photo on its Web site and soon had counted millions of hits. The site crashed and the photo had to be moved to a server dedicated specifically to visitors trying to see the photo.

    "It received more than 1 million hits in the first two hours when the booking photos were posted," said the source. "It was just too much for the system. We've never had anything like this. That's why we had to move to another server."

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    Singing Man

    Why would he not be guilty, if it smells like a fish it must be a fish.

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  • Singing Man
    Singing Man

    You know he is, just because he does the moon walk does not make him a saint. Besides sleeping with little boys can hardly be considered praise worthy.

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