Sudden General Election in UK to be held June 8th 2017

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  • snugglebunny

    Sadly there is no alternative to anyone but the Tories - led by Theresa May - to take us out of the EU in style. All the other parties want a wishy-washy exit or none at all. Now Theresa May is being castigated for changing her mind about holding a snap election. Others say that she's being adaptable to a changing situation.

  • Simon
    Well I am voting for Corbyn despite him not being popular

    So you're the one!

    there is no alternative to anyone but the Tories - led by Theresa May ...

    I think the UK is lucky to have her - she seems pretty awesome right now, definitely Thatcheresque.

    Can you imagine the "deal" that Corbyn would agree to? Thankfully he's completely unelectable.

  • snugglebunny
    I think the UK is lucky to have her - she seems pretty awesome right now, definitely Thatcheresque.

    She ain't Mother Theresa, that's fer sure.

  • Phizzy

    I wonder if this is the Witch of Endor's (T.M the P.M) "Cameron Moment" ?

    It is my dream that instead of the ringing endorsement from the Electorate that she so confidently expects, she gets a surprise kick in the (proverbial) nuts !

  • slimboyfat

    In 2016 the SNP stood on a manifesto that said they'd call a second referendum if Scotland was taken out of the EU against its will. The SNP won the election and Scotland is being taken out of the EU against its will. The SNP called for a referendum, and won the vote in partiament. The mandate could not be clearer. What have unionists got against democracy?

    If the SNP stand again on a manifesto arguing for a second referendum, and win again, will Westminster still deny Scotland a vote!

    Somebody asked how many referendums Scotland will have. As many referendums as Scotland votes for, quite obviously. If the SNP stand on a manifesto for a referendum, and win that election, that's democracy. It's perfectly simple.

  • the comet
    the comet

    It's almost as if they want to get an election out of the way before the consequences of Brexit start to become apparent

  • slimboyfat


    I hope it backfires.

  • jwleaks

    Does this mean the world may actually miss out on a real photo opportunity of Donald Trump meeting Boris Johnson?

  • konceptual99

    Corbyn is popular. It's just that it's only amongst enough of his own party to ensure he can be voted leader. Twice.

    This country's politics are seriously screwed. I want to see credible opposition to the Tories. I want to see May held to account for whatever the Brexit deal ends up being. I want to see them held to account for the cuts to social care and the welfare state, especially mental health care. This is what Corbyn speaks yet cannot manage to translate into a message that engages with the enough of the UK population to be considered in the least bit credible.

    The Liberals are no less of a joke. They paid the price for allowing Cameron to screw them right up the arse in return for a seat at the table and may never recover.

    UKIP have been a nice middle ground for white, working class traditional Labour voters to migrate to the Tories on the back of fears of immigration and perceived loss of sovereignty.

    This election will be a landslide for the Tories (except in Scotland and Wales). Labour will remain a nonsense and the Liberals back to being a squeaky noise on the side just like in the Spitting Image days.

    May has made a sensible and tactical decision that secures the Tories in power for at least another 5 years and probably another 5-10 past that. Not only that, they will have no serious opposition for years to come. And that's a joke.

  • freddo

    I'm gonna make a prediction. If I'm wrong it's your fault for believing it. It may overlap with other overlapping predictions I haven't made but you believed.

    Tories will win with about a 50 seat majority. Better for them than now but not as good as Mrs. May hopes for. But good enough for her plans.

    Labour will lose many seats.

    Lib Dems will win an extra handful of seats but still be insignificant.

    SNP can't really do any better seat wise - is it 54 out of a possible 59 or somesuch? - but might just lose a couple.

    Northern Ireland and Wales will stay similar and have little effect. The Green Party and UKIP may still hold a seat or none as will the few independents.

    We shall see. Interesting times.

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