Science Will Never Contradict The Bible

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    I'm confused. How can Science contradict the Bible, or vice-versa? The Bible is not a book of science, but a compilation of world views as seen through the eyes of one peculiar nation, the Jewish nation. They were simply trying to explain their world. Can't we leave it at that?

    I can't see anyone engaging in a heated debate about the Iliad or the Odyssey "contradicting" Science. We naturally understand the context of Homer's works and view them as they are, explanations of the world through the eyes of Homer. He wrote what he could, based upon his understanding of the known world, and the unknown. We don't need to argue about whether or not a Cyclops really tried to eat anyone.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    It seems like science has done NOTHING BUT contradict the Bible at times, and totally trump it too!!
  • Finkelstein

    Science will always contradict the bible for its structured in honest intellectual inquiry, knowledge derived from physical evidence and investigation.

    In contrary to that most of the writings in the bible which are structured upon fictional mythological expressions based on human imagination and ignorance.

    Those mythical expressions were born out of necessity to explain the physical world in which those ancient people lived and the stories they told of their gods which controlled the universe.

    That 1000 PhDs. sounds good and supportive until its revealed that the majority of them are not paleontologists, astrophysicists, geologist or archaeologists and there is an overwhelming amount of those scientists who accept evolution ..

    There I honestly straighten things out for you Perry.

    The honest atheist that I am.

  • cofty

    Perry you have never read an actual science book in your life have you?


    There is no contradiction, unless someone tries to make the Bible a science book.

    The real problem stems from the power that religion believes it deserves. Science is not a threat to anyone, save the power hungry and fearful.


  • quincemyles
    I would love to know how scientific knowledge from around the time the bible was written compares with contemporaneous biblical information.
  • RichardHaley
    @Perry/ I see your bird is an African Grey... Congo or Timneh?
  • Perry

    She is a Congo. After I bought her as a pet, I decided to get into breeding hookbills. I bred around 65 pairs of everything from Hyacinths to Senegals. I set up garden aviary style cage manufacturing in China and ran the business for 8 years. Even had a pet store.

    Was a fun business for the most part.

    Do you have a parrot?

    Hyacinth on top (largest of all parrots):


    Breeding hookbills?!?! That sounds painful.

    DD πŸ˜‡

  • Oubliette

    Dr. Brandon van der Ventel says of the Genesis account in the Bible, β€œIt points to God as the all-mighty Creator: a timeless, spaceless, immaterial and personal Being who is both the explanation and cause of the universe.”

    He neglects to mention that this same God is a capricious, narcissistic, genocidal maniac that will kill you if you happen to guess incorrectly about which of the countless religions on Earth are representing him and which are not. Also, God needs money. Please send some, just don't send it to the wrong religion or, guess what? He'll have to kill you!

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