Science Will Never Contradict The Bible

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  • Finkelstein

    Science has shown undeniably that most the writings in the bible were fictional mythological stories expressed for a specific intent by the ancient Hebrews.

    Not to the ancients fault for they had to live and endure upon their own ignorance of the world in which they lived.

    Did the mythological story of Jesus Christ direct people to a more loving and respecting social direction ? yes it did.

    That still doesn't take away from the fact that it was inherently fictional in nature.

  • cofty

    The Rebel - Evolution is a statement about objective reality.

    The only data that is relevant is factual.

    Faith has no place at all in a discussion about science.

    Perry is not claiming that faith trumps all of the evidence for evolution. He is claiming that the evidence doesn't support evolution and yet he has never looked at the evidence.

    What ... books on faith and hope have you read ...?

    Firstly "hope" is not synonymous with faith.

    I have read the bible numerous times and studied dozens of theological books including evangelical systematic theologies and an extensive range of bible commentaries.

    Perry - What books that present the scientific evidence for evolution have you read?

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