Science Will Never Contradict The Bible

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "That's great! I'm glad you read that source. There was no misquote. It was word for word, which is easily checked. I think you are confusing quotes with something else."

    No Perry, I simply quoted straight from the horses mouth:

    This drives Schweitzer crazy. Geologists have established that the Hell Creek Formation, where B. rex was found, is 68 million years old, and so are the bones buried in it. She’s horrified that some Christians accuse her of hiding the true meaning of her data. “They treat you really bad,” she says. “They twist your words and they manipulate your data.”

  • Finkelstein

    Its laughable that Perry always and will only copy information off of creationist web sites.

    Were is your open unbiased information Perry from independent review boards ?

    This quote came directly off the same web site that Perry copied from

    Of course, the worldwide Flood of Noah is an obvious explanation that keeps on being overlooked.

  • Oubliette

    Science Will Ever Contradict The Bible

  • Finkelstein

    What is obvious is the disingenuous tactics used by creationist to defrock evaluative scientific study and discoveries.

    Take one obscure unusual observation and they use that as an attempt to break apart all other findings which have been previously documented into hundreds of thousands by now.

    How do you become a fossil?

    Even though there are many fossils distributed all over the Earth, it is actually quite difficult to become a fossil - even more so when you are a land-dwelling animal or plant. A set of very special coincidences is needed for anything to become a fossil.
    First, you must be buried by sediments or volcanic ash soon after death (if scavengers or floods scatter your bones, you can never become a complete fossil).
    Secondly, special pH conditions are required to make sure your hard parts are not dissolved.
    Thirdly, special solutions must circulate through the materials that bury you to replace the minerals that your skeleton is made up of with minerals that will become stone. The process is called lithification. Then, the sediments or volcanic ash that cover you have to be turned to stone (lithify) as well.
    It is much easier to become a fossil if you live in the sea and simply sink to the bottom, to be covered by sediments as soon as you die. No wonder most of the known fossils are from marine environments, and that more is known about the marine creatures that lived during the time of the dinosaurs than about dinosaurs themselves!
    Even if you have been lucky enough to become a fossil, the chance of your fossil remains actually being found is extremely remote. Over the millions of years it takes for someone interested in Paleontology to come along and find you, the rock you are entombed in may have be covered by thousands of meters of other sediments or volcanics (lavas) or it may have been exposed to high heat and been metamorposed into a different kind of rock - erasing the evidence of your existence or the rock may have been eroded back into sediment by wind water or ice. It is only when you are once again exposed, either by erosion, exploration drilling or mining, that you can be discovered! Just think how many layers of rocks are under the surface of the earth at present: there must be gazillions of new species of dinosaurs, ammonites, gastropods, bivalves, insects, fish, leaves and other fossils to be discovered! What we know about fossils is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • azor
    Why does anyone try to reason with the likes of perry. All he deserves is f you f you f you and f you. Your fing belief in a fairy tale is what is holding mankind back.
  • Perry

    Village Idiot,

    Here is the quote that I posted:

    Schweitzer and her team also tested for the presence of DNA within the cellular structures, using an antibody that only binds to the “backbone” of DNA. The antibody reacted to small amounts of material within the “cells” of both the T. rex and the B. canadensis. To rule out the presence of microbes, they used an antibody that binds histone proteins, which bind tightly to the DNA of everything except microbes, and got another positive result. They then ran two other histochemical stains which fluoresce when they attach to DNA molecules. Those tests were also positive. These data strongly suggest that the DNA is original.

    You can click the blue lettered word and the end of the quotation and easily check that this is from the North Carolina University website and is quoted verbatim. But, how can this be since DNA has only a half life of 521 Years?

    There are dozens of scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals documenting such facts that, if any one of the hundreds of such things is true, then Darwinism falls flat as a failure.

    There are countless other lines of evidence that falsify, or at least cast serious doubt on the theory; not the least of which is the discovery of DNA. When this was discovered in the 1950's, that should have been the end of Darwin.

    Consider the odds of this:

    If you have a series of ten flash cards, numbered from one to ten, and these are thoroughly and randomly mixed, and then laid out successively in a linear array along the table, it would be extremely unlikely that the numbers would fall out in order from one to ten. Actually, there are 3,628,800 different ways in which these numbers could be arranged, so that the "probability" of this particular ordered arrangement is only one in 3,628,800. (This number is "ten factorial," written as 10!, and can be calculated simply by multiplying together all the numbers from one to ten.)

    It is obvious that the probability of such a numerically ordered arrangement decreases rapidly as the number of components increases. For any linear system of 100 components in specified order, the probability is chance in 10 to the 158th (a number represented by "one followed by 158 zeroes").

    A system requiring such a high degree of order could never happen by chance. This follows from the fact that probability theory only applies to systems with a finite possibility of occurring at least once in the universe, and it would be inconceivable that 10 to the 158th different trials could ever be made in our entire space-time universe.
    Astro-physicists estimate that there are no more than 10 to the 80th infinitesimal "particles" in the universe, and that the age of the universe in its present form is no greater than 1018 seconds (30 billion years).

    Assuming each particle can participate in a thousand billion (10 to the 12th) different events every second (this is impossibly high, of course), then the greatest number of events that could ever happen (or trials that could ever be made) in all the universe throughout its entire history is only 1080 x 1018 x 1012, or 10110 (most authorities would make this figure much lower, about 10 to the 50th). Any event with a probability of less than one chance in 10110, therefore, cannot occur. Its probability becomes zero, at least in our known universe.
    Thus, the above-suggested ordered arrangement of 100 components has a zero probability. It could neverhappen by chance. Since every single living cell is infinitely more complex and ordered than this, it is impossible that even the simplest form of life could ever have originated by chance. Even the simplest replicating protein molecule that could be imagined has been shown by Golay1 to have a probability of one in 10 to the 450th. Salisbury calculates the probability of a typical DNA chain to be one in 10 to 600 power.

    In other words, many more times the particles in the known universe are needed even to calculate the odds. Materialists that ignore and suppress the knowledge of God that he put inside of each human being would never run their lives according to such improbabilities and mental gymnastics in less important and mundane matters. For instance, after trying just a few times, most of us stopped trying to find the end of the rainbow as children. This is a normal development in children. We learn to pursue reality very early.

    We also learn that God's moral law, and even our own innate sense of right and wrong is equally an impossibility to perfectly adhere to. So, many of us seek out cults that give us a false sense of accomplishment from our efforts at being good. Or, others seek to suppress the knowledge of God and attempt to find safety in neurosis.

    However, sin in any form is not our FRIEND. We have but one true friend in this world. His name is Jesus. And he loves each of us very, very much. If we trust him alone, he promises that will have the victory in everything.

  • cofty

    DNA is the strongest proof of evolution.

    If we had no other evidence apart from DNA comparison we would know 100% that every living thing evolved from a common ancestor and we would be able to draw the tree of relationships.

    You should be embarrassed by your loud-mouthed wilful ignorance.

    Once again - What books that present the scientific evidence for evolution have you read?

    Are you ever going to answer this question?

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Science will never contradict the Bible

    You are right. Science doesn't give a rip about the Bible. Science is not interested in contradicting or supporting anything or anyone, other than truth and facts.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Cofty to Perry " What books that present the scientific evidence of evolution have you read?

    Are you ever going to answer this question?

    The Rebel (A) You have asked " Perry" an objective question, and in your logical world that requires an answer that revolves around "his" intellect. Yet in my opinion " Perry" believes in a world of hope and faith, which your intellect, scientific evidence and logic won't accept. Maybe books that present scientific evidence of evolution have as much truth to " Perry" as books on faith and hope would to you. So to be fair and balanced:-

    What latest books on faith and hope have you read in the last 5 yeas?

    The Rebel.

  • Kick50r
    Since Perry seems keen on research I leave you a suggestion. Read the EpicS of Gilgamesh some of the more ancient readings that exist from ancient Sumeria. In it contains the first mentions of serpent / eternal life / hell amongst others. Its old , but that makes it right ?

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