November JW broadcast is up, this time on not telling the truth, shunning

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    What a bunch of sick bastards this batch of GB really are is all I can say. These fucking guys are morally retarded and have no fucking idea what love is, they are sick, sick, sick.

    God I could only listen to a few minutes of this total bullshit, I feel sorry for the poor zombies that have to listen to the whole thing as it is so full of shit I want to puke.

  • Crazyguy

    This notching up the shunning against faders proves thier desperate.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Desperate for sure. Teenagers must be leaving in droves because of the internet and the WT must be afraid they will lose the zombified parents if the shunned children share any info they are getting from the internet. So don't let them even answer any calls or emails. Desperate desperate desperate!

    How low can they go in protecting their bull shit corporation?

  • WTWizard

    We are in the truth because we remain in Jesus' [false] teaching? What if the whole thing itself is a big fat lie? Are we still in the truth if Jesus' teaching is false?

    Or, our conduct appearing to be the high moral standard? Suppose this is another false illusion. Or, the whole thing is an archetype of how the perfect slave is supposed to act. Can you have global slavery with everyone knowing the whole truth? And, according to what? The LIE-ble, which is nothing but a book full of lies intended to enslave the whole world?

  • smiddy

    I just looked at the section of where the couple shun their own son and stay loyal to jehovah.If a non JW saw this video it would go way over their heads , why? because WT is very careful how they word things in this instance. .The said video gives no indication that the parents have cut off all contact with their son unless he returns to the religion of Jehovahs witnesses in fact it gives the other impression that Levi ,the son has cut off all association with his parents after leaving the household.

    Which is totally false.

    The average person christian or non christian would be aghast if they knew jehovahs Witnesses cut off all association with their children simply because they didnt want to be part of that religion anymore.

    Can you imagine Anglicans ,Methodists ,Presbyterians ,Congregationalists , parents treating their children in such an unloving way ?

    We as ex JW`s can see what this video is getting at ,but a non JW would just not get it.

    I couldnt stomach to watch the rest of it ,I hope it didnt relate more to levi and his shunning.otherwise I will have to go back and watch more of this crap.

  • Listener

    That's a pity Smiddy because you missed Losch saying that he was looking forward to observing his resurrected father after Armageddon as he never got to know him.

  • No longer a Babe
    No longer a Babe

    Brokeback - Totally agree. Just around the corner video is a slap in the face for current and deceased witnesses who have died over the past 140 years and not seen the fulfillment of any so called prophecies/promises. Hang on brain dead witnesses...its again just around the corner, Remain loyal and look at where we are now living in Paradise in upstate New York. Our new headquarters for the next year as it's just around the corner...give me a break please. I vomit at this crap by these goons.

  • rebelfighter


    Never a JW, so I watched the whole thing because they said it was about telling the truth.

    I got the whole shunning your child thing in this video. I tried to view my outrage on that topic a couple of days ago when the video of the young lady was posted on another thread about breaking up families. First I totally disagree with this form of dissaplain of youth (anyone under the age of 20). Youth still needs guidance and coucilling not dissaplain.

    Yes they ended their video with the wonderful growth taking place in some far off country where they have a huge refuge population. Of course they are going to target the the refuges. Isn't that there mode of operation target the down and out. That is what the the "Elder" thought he was doing, he thought he had me during my weak moments when I was going through never-ending 5 years of family crisis. They just kept piling up and I dealt with them but I did not crumble nor end up on anti depressents. Then when he gave me the book on Families I blew up how dare you treat children and women this way.

    Yes, Smiddy there is NO part of this video that comes across to a Worldy person as ............ (fill in the blank with your favorite adjectives) Simon might kick me off the forum if I fill it in.

    Recap from a Wordly person

    Truth = must be New Light because I sure have not seen much truth spoken from the JWS in the past

    Growth = yeap still up to their same tactics find the under dogs, don't give them any helping hand like most Christian groups would like food, shelter, etc just that spiritual food.

    Then that shunning = tow the company line people stay faithful to Jehovah. Forget the fact that our children were originally a gift from God and we should cherish every moment we have with them on this earth - life is far to short and precious. I lost one child would never lose one to their silly rules. No one said raising a child will be easy and they wI'll test your last but of patience but you will make it through it.

    I stopped watching these bunch of liars last August after the ARC so sorry I choose to watch this piece of crap.

    OK rant over. Have a great day.

  • freddo

    Love the way the parents mope around - it's all about them isn't it?

    Also notice how the GB try to sanitize it all by having the lad walking out (or the Swedish girl at the summer assembly) not being chucked out as is what the GB really want to happen.

    I'm glad the bastards put the rejected phone call in. And the 5 years and no return.

    As the above posters wrote - they are in a downward spiral and desperate.

    140 years of "round the corner". Utter bollocks.

    Oh yeah! "Truthful" Loesch - isn't he the one who runs away from the Superior Authorities and hides behind evasive statements presented to court about a child abuse case?

  • notsurewheretogo

    Woah woah hang on there....

    1. Champions of truth? But they just admitted they get it wrong
    2. Jesus leads his people? How? Not through the GB or FDS...because they get things wrong as they just admitted!
    3. Jesus trusts the FDS? Why? When they get it wrong as they just admitted!
    4. They remain in Jesus' teaching? How? As they get things wrong as they just admitted!
    5. Deep bond to each other? What? How is that proof?
    6. High morals? I know athiests with high morals.
    7. Neutral? Other groups remain neutral.
    8. Named people? But they themselves named themselves.

    What utter batshit crazy proof...honestly...shite upon shite.

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