The Trump Era commences

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  • sir82

    In fact, I doubt most people could even name 14 prominent Dems.

    Here you go, plus a bonus one:

    Some of these are a real stretch, but I think Warren could energize the Bernie crowd, and Booker might have a similar effect as Obama.

  • xelder

    I hope Trump does better than many expect. But, I am very happy that government is trending conservative for a while. Congressional leaders conservative, supreme court appointments will be conservative....all very good!!! And no Hillary:)

  • Simon
    Advancing LGBT Workplace Rights

    What specific rights don't they currently have?

    Seriously, what does everyone else have that they don't?

  • redvip2000

    That was the theory when Hitler took power.

    Don't think we will see concentration camps in the next few years, unless you consider Gitmo a concentration camp. Dare I say that Trump is the type that will not only not close Gitmo, but actually perhaps expand it to include suspicious muslims living in the states.

    In any case, it more than likely that he will set us back at least a generation in progressive ethics. And you can also throw climate change into that happy bucket.

  • sparrowdown

    Re LGBT - "What specific rights don't they currently have?"

    Maybe with semi- transitioned trans people they are required to dress as their birth gender or use the bathroom according to their birth gender whilst at work or something??

    Other than that, buggered if I know, now you mention it.

  • sir82

    What specific rights don't they currently have?

    Seriously, what does everyone else have that they don't?

    Here's a primer:

  • freddo

    Melania looks nice doesn't she?

  • Simon

    Looks like most rights are already established under law, the bulk of the legislation being passed in 1964 (but being further clarified) or are supported through simple business economics.

    So a battle mostly won (?)

    Removal of mention of climate change is far more concerning and significant.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    Melania looks nice doesn't she? -- FREDDO

    Yes, I thought she looked stunning in her outfit (evidently Ralph Lauren).

    Could someone remind me where she went to school?

  • slimboyfat

    Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. If any of them (if any of us) are around in four years time, let's hope.

    Melania Trump speaks six languages. But I'd like to see her in conversation with Zizek in their native language. They both went to Ljubljana University too.

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