The Trump Era commences

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    So former US presidents are invited, and expected, to attend each subsequent presidential inauguration, unless they are too ill, i.e. Bush seniors.

    Imagine the invite for former president Clinton.


    Former president, Bill Clinton, plus one.


    Judging by the number of Dislikes accorded comments on this topic - it would appear that the JWN Brotherhood is quite divided in their affiliation toward "Pres. Trump" -

    Personally I don't give a shit for American Politics and its Politicians - so satirising them and other politicians of like kind and mind ...and there are many a way of getting it off my chest.

  • smiddy

    V.I. One of my most favourite movies I hope its not a prophecy of Trumps reign.

  • pbrow

    I dont understand the "trump is a puppet" comments. Almost all his detractors keep talking about all the stupid shit he says and how he continues to shoot from the hip. His speech was too dark, he didnt reach across to those who didnt vote for him. blah. blah. blah. If there is one thing Trump is, he is his own man.

    He is not looking for wwIII. He is surrounding himself with doubters and outsiders (very wealthy outsiders but outsiders nontheless) They are do'ers not talkers. He is going to treat the government like a psuedo-business. Time will tell whether that is a proper outlook or not. If its not, he has enemies on both sides of the isle to make him a one term lame duck prez.

    You can take the endtimes man out of the cult but you cant take the doomsday out of the man.


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Sh1t just got real.

    Right, the Democrats now have 4 years to pull up their socks, start treating Middle America with more respect, and groom a clean, credible presidential candidate for 2021 ...

  • Vidiot
    Freddo - "Melania looks nice doesn't she?"

    Why does her face never seem to change expression?

  • minimus

    I'm happy Trump is the new president. Thank goodness Obama is gone!

  • Qcmbr

    tl:dr Risky change gets my vote over current state of play (which isn't solving big issues). Also public SJW language crippling needed discourse.

    Helmet on, cautious step over parapet.

    I really like Trump - not the person (and I'm sad I have to say in order for anyone to even consider what I'm about to post ) - the opportunity.

    I believe over the last few years we've invented a language to excuse ourselves , a language of constricted PC phrases and acceptable utterances through which we have face a non-PC world. You can't , for example, discuss immigration, legal or illegal, without someone deciding that anything other than extreme-white-male-self-hatred-apologising-give-everything-to-the-less-fortunate-yay-feminism type statements are allowed. In short, having gained equal rights - in most cases- the militant cause seekers have decided to keep the ball rolling and argue for the complete negation of national, western, christian(!) identity. This is a new 'religion' and its as insidious as JWs but much more powerful as its co-opted liberalism, socialism and the equal rights movement - and most of the media both social and traditional - and has created a tremendous zeitgeist where all that is needed to solve the world problems is to be more offended and outraged (on behalf of someone else normally) as possible.

    Huge amounts of national dialogue navel gaze about xenophobia and how terrible and bleak everything is (the massive amount of casual hate about Trump and his skin color is astounding - imagine running some 'fun' roasts about Obama and his skin color...) It all boils down to a few easy to understand reasons to my old cycnical eye.

    Whinging is much easier than confronting. In a world of mind boggling evil in the form of Isis and environmental destruction it is oppressing to realise you are helpless. The lure of virtue signalling is that you can imagine that if you write just the right pithy protest banner or the most cutting facebook post (the more hateful and nasty the better , especially if you can link it to right wing Nazi tropes) you can save the world. Utter bollocks.

    A grown up approach to life , discourse and change is to throw yourself into the problem to build by example, to listen and try to understand without resorting to ridicule or bullying and to face horrific choices (e.g. do we declare war on Isis knowing the cost of war) knowing that at some point action is needed , however distasteful, and that consequences should be accepted and owned.

    Trump isn't an answer to all of the above but he's a start. Smooth talking , peer checked statement wielding 'actors' are much more dangerous than a man who shoots his mouth off every few seconds and potentially retracts it in the next tweet. A man has just exited the White House who was at war for the entirety of his office and he carries away the world's highest peace award. This is how we get played. This is how we get robbed. This is how the trick is done. Trump isn't coming from that same corrupt place. He's independently wealthy. Sure he's corrupt and shady BUT he's not Washington corrupt and shady (not yet) he's not been bought and had to trade his soul on the way up.

    Sometimes you need a b*st*rd to sort out the corruption that power causes. The UK got one in the shape of Churchill - a man with disastrous and nasty views on common people and non-whites - but a man who could lead at a crucial time and place. I see in Trump one of the last chances to shake the tree of Washington and to replace a dialogue of virtuous avoidance with straight talk (even if its crap from your POV at any one time.)

    With a Trump I can start to ask why's again (Why keep antagonizing Russia? Why support a cold war NATO while Europe neglects its defense? Why is it wrong to feel national pride? etc.) Without having to wade through the mini PC language I've talked about above. Legitimate fears about rolling back social rights, undoing climate change initiatives, discriminating against legal migrants and so on should absolutely be raised and discussed but not to a backdrop of car burning, social media bullying and naive virtue signalling. I'd have higher faith in an honest discussion with a Trump than a Clinton (or an Obama!)- every single time. We know the guy's got the social skills of a spoilt, narcissistic, misogynist BUT he he owns that crap and when he speaks/tweets he genuinely believes it (you can mediate and discuss a statement made with integrity) - compare an (unproven?) example that illustrates the really dangerous alternative -

    Discourse is needed between all sides, integrity is needed in thought, a strong sense of identity and respect is needed by those who need to act and discuss. Fuzzy ideas of a social utopia cannot keep superseding (I so wanted to say 'trumping'!) the hard dialogue and choices needed to deal with an often violent, amoral and brutal world.

    Trump the opportunity shouldn't keep getting overshadowed by 'The end is nigh' he's Hitler2.0 let's burn a limo sh*t. Let's wait and see what happens and put away the hyperbole for a little bit. After all we're all still friends generally united by common ideals..aren't we?

  • bohm
    start treating Middle America with more respect,

    The same kind of respect Trump et. al. is treating liberal America?

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