Memo shows Trump tried to end investigation in Feb.

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  • freemindfade
    I said there are a number of odd things about Trump and his team's relationship with Russia and it deserves an investigation

    Well it's a good thing there are three going on right now, and have been going on, isn't it?


    It would seem the Trump/Russia Investigation..

    Is no longer a "Counter Intelligence" investigation..

    It is now a "Criminal Investigation"..

    No mention was made about why it has changed..

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  • Spoletta

    Spoletta, I won't apologize for being patriotic about the certain things.

    You realize that your rant had absolutely nothing to do with the question I asked you.

    Do you believe that there should be no thorough investigation until an American is killed?

    By the way, thanks for your service to our country.

  • freemindfade
    By the way, thanks for your service to our country.

    I didn't get to serve jackass because I was a JW. Instead, I volunteer and donate to veterans organizations. So fuck off moron

  • JWdaughter

    I don't think that Trump is guilty based on evidence. I think that Trump is very suspicious based on what he does, what he says, how he acts, and how his surrogates respond for him or try to. We don't have evidence yet although I haven't looked at the news in the last 20 minutes or so but if it looks like a duck and Walks Like A Duck and quacks like a duck it might be a duck. Not to mention there's a whole lot of duck crap going on- that's all I'm saying.Donald's a Duck.

  • Simon
    see for instance the scenario where Flynn was paid (undisclosed) 500'000 dollars and then was part of a policy change favoring the people who were paying him (Turkey)

    Ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ... oh, that's superb. Is that really a terrible terrible thing now? Do we have standards for people in high-up positions when it comes to accepting donations for favours? Because I have two words for you.

    Clinton. Foundation.

    Of course it doesn't negate or excuse anything Trump, Flynn or anyone else does, but c'mon, is the outrage real or just an excuse?

    People should stick to principles, not party.

  • freemindfade
  • Landy

    Did Russian intelligence manipulate and interfere with the US election? Most definitely.

    Did Trump or his campaign team actively collude in it? I very much doubt it.

  • freemindfade

    Isn't it also strange that Trump tweeted that ominous tweet about Comey not leaking anything??? I find it all extremely strange.

  • bohm

    Simon: well, I am all good with not being allowed to copy-paste liberal (or any other) source without attribution... I would hope the standard was applied evenly to all board members of course.

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