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  • Fairlane

    @midnight...." nothing eliminates them etc." The big question is...what qualifies them , is your god so dismissive of the deliberate skewing of doctrinal teachings which has brought death and misery, family trauma, suicides and blatant hypocritical dogma which has time after time proved false! your research don't be lazy ! If you have truly studied this bunch of charlatans and think god is using them what kind of 'god' is it...imo you should seriously question your idea of god. Don't insult your intelligence with this watchtower cult scam...that would be my advice.

  • sparky1

    "One mans meat is another mans poison" - Lucretius

    Best wishes for you on your life's journey. If you become battered and bruised by "Jehovah's loving organization', I am sure that you will be welcomed back here with open arms.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    According to the account in Bible (if it was translated correctly) the Israelites (if they existed) made it to the promised land but it didn't mean anything for them long term. What happened to them after they entered the promised land and where are they now?

    There is nothing that I know of in the Bible that actually says there would literally be modern day Israelites and if there is, there is no proof that JW's are the ones to fill that role. JW's also insinuate themselves into the role of the "faithful and discrete slave class" even though there was no indication that there would be a Slave "class" and it would be literal and that role (if there was one) would be filled by a modern day religious group and JW's would be that group.

    At any rate, unlike a lot of us who were raised as JW's and were forbidden to look at outside information before baptism, you have at least dared to go against the stern directives that we abided by and can now make an choice based on what you've learned so far.

    As someone who watched his father die a horrible death due to the blood issue, my advice is for you to be sure you thoroughly understand the scriptures that JW's use to support that stand as well as all of the surrounding verses and know the context in which they were written. Ask yourself why the scriptures show that those who went against the early laws regarding animals and blood, were only considered unclean until sundown and why no one had to die over "misuse of blood" yet today JW's are expected to die and let their kids die over this.

    Also, do not to putt all your eggs in one basket in terms of planning your future because so far, everyone who has ever lived, whether or not they believed in a "promised land", has grown old and died. Chances are pretty high that you'll need to count on growing old and having the resources to take care of yourself when you are.

    I'm in my Late 50's and am ready to retire in the next few months, with a pension and additional income. Many of my contemporaries counted on being in the "promised land" long ago and viewed it as a lack of faith to prepare for the future. Some of the old pioneers and circuit overseers I know are in their late 70's, living in mobile homes, or rental units, driving school bus or have several part time jobs and are struggling. Back in the 1970's they thought the end was finally on the horizon and disregarded the evidence that the elderly folks who came before them and were dying one by one and had been duped into believing the end would come in their day as well. I never bought into this trend and from what I read in the literature and heard from the platform was made to feel unfaithful for planning for a future in this system.

    Each JW generation that comes along convinces themselves (via repetition at assembles, meetings, and in the literature) that despite all the evidence before them, that somehow they will be the ones who won't have to grow old and die. It's human nature and it's the only way many of them can cope,

  • Gargamel

    Ah well! I hope you will be happy, Midnight, though it may be even worse now that the genie has popped its head out of the bottle.

    After Midnight comes more Darkness, but then comes the Dawn with new light for another day. If you change your mind or need to revisit, feel free to drop in and chat again.

  • Stealth

    Best wishes on your personal journey!

  • konceptual99

    Hi midnight,

    From one of your threads where you talk about atheism and where you are with your wife etc. it seemed to me that you had made up your mind that you no longer believed JWs have the Truth.

    Your OP on this thread suggests to me that you are not willing to livewhat is, to all intents and purposes, a double life of disbelief coupled with some token adherence to the life of a Witness. Instead you are just trying to convince yourself that you still kind of believe and going through the motions and not caring about it is better than having to keep facing the question of exactly what you are going to do about your disbelief as time moves on.

    Believe you me I can understand this - it's crossed my mind enough. Some days, just playing the game and participating would be easier than the alternatives. It's red pill/blue bill and right now you are choosing the blue pill.

    It's a choice and you are free to make it. I just hope you do reconsider one day and when you do really want to take the red pill then we shall all be here to help and support.

    All the best and don't be away too long :-)

  • kpop

    Very good trolling. I believe you get a A- for trolling.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    please don'i forget to shut the door after you leave

  • ttdtt

    HMM - the scripture about "Returning to one's Vomit" comes to mind.

  • Diogenesister

    I notice you mention your wife wishes to be " zealous and have friends around"as if the two are synonymous , I believe this may be the crux of the matter. In the JW world they are. Do you think the first century apostles preached to have a social life? Cults withdraw their love and friendship the further you stray - the bible teaches to *give love* the further the sheep stray.

    The Watchtower bible has changed the translations In many important ways.( my personal bugbear is " gifts in men" ( elders) when it's gifts unto men. Just Google it or do a search on here for their many changes to fit their doctrine , including of course the insertion of the made up name Jehovah in the New testament.

    Please don't let the natural need for companionship lead you to a lifetime of pointless servitude I wish you all the best.

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