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  • midnight

    After much research and prayer I am returning to being a Jehovah's Witness I can find nothing that eliminates them from being God's directed people , in the end they will reach the end of there journey despite mistakes and errors just like the Israelites entered the promised land , thanks for your input and all the best on your personal journey ☺. Midnight.

  • pale.emperor

    Ok midnight. I'm glad you're at least making an informed decision. But please be aware that Jehovah's direction to the Israelites, to Moses, to Abraham, to Noah, to Enoch etc was always very clear. Why would he suddenly become so vague in his messages to his people (allegedly the Jehovah's Witnesses)?

    Also remember that your life will no longer be your own, you'll be under the scrutiny of elders (non trained in theology or counseling) and Watchtowers ever changing doctrine that will flip flop as this organization goes on.

    Your very first post says:

    i find life hard facing up to mortality etc not having the new system hope

    Mortality is something that is not nice to think about. But just because we want to go on living with our loved ones doesn't mean we will. Nor does it mean that the witnesses have "the truth". I implore you to read the bible on its own first, or even look into eastern theology and philosophy before rushing into anything. May i suggest philosopher Alan Watts? His lectures are on YouTube and are quite thought provoking.

    All that aside. I wish you well. Sincerely.

  • nowwhat?

    Read the gospels and the new testament through a couple times And you will find out the witnesses are not a continuation of the 11st century Christian congregation.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    midnight," After much research and prayer I am returning to Jehovers Witness...."

    Looking at your post history, you have started 4 sincere O.Ps and made 36 posts, so you have thought about this sensibly. Personally I think it a shame because I feel your contribution here was a missed opportunity to satisfactory answer those questions you raised.

    Anyway it must have taken great courage for you to visit here, and I hope your experience here has shown apostates are made up off all types of people, and I hope you agree we are not all "mentally diseased?"

    Take care and I give your post a like, not because I agree with your decision, but for your decency to kindly explain your decision.

  • menrov

    Hi Midnight, sorry to say but I really do feel sorry for you. You said: After much research and prayer.

    Funny as many on here and other forums also say After much research and prayer and decided to stay away from the WT. Or they become Catholic, Protestant or Hindu, or Muslim or even Buddhist. Go figure, same attitude, many different outcomes......

    despite mistakes and errors

    And you refer to the promised land. Do you know who was not allowed to get into the promised land? Was it because of the one error he made? Compare that to the number of errors of the WBTS organisation. Again, there are more reason to believe JW's will not enter the promised land than that they would (I mean with JW's not the individual but a collective group of members of the WBTS).

    I understand that one feels comfortable in the organisation. Most of them have their family there, their friends and other relatives. And some congregations are quite nice (friendly elders, nice people, various social activities, relaxed attitude etc). And if that is the driver to join or stay, I can appreciate that.

    Anyway, fortunately you live apparently in a country where you can make your choice of religion freely. And I wish you all the best.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    Why do people feel the need to announce that they are going back to the Kingdom Hall?

    Who really cares less?

    Do they want everyone to try to talk them out of it or something?

    If you've made your mind up, just go. No one on a site like this is going to feel good for you.

    If you want to go back then that's your mistake.

    The best of luck.

  • ToesUp

    Good luck.

    If you struggle with that little voice inside your head that continues to say..."something here (WT) just doesn't seem right", it will never go away. I struggled with it for years (40+ years) and finally figured out something really insn't right. We all gotta do what we gotta do. I hope it works out in your best interests.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    "I can find nothing that eliminates them from being God's directed people"

    Did you notice what you didn't say here? What you didn't say was:

    "I have found several good reasons to believe they are God's directed people, the reasons are as follows:"

    This would show that you are endeavoring to use critical thinking skills. However, your statement is about proving negatives, which usually isn't possible. I hope you keep growing. Why? Going around telling people masturbation is a sin and that the generation of 1914 is still alive (or indoctrinating children to believe such things) is just a couple of (many) things that are harmful to people, and I hope you never do that.

  • blondie

    midnight, I was inactive 2 periods of time before this long and permanent one. Give it time and open your eyes and you may see something new or realize the true nature of the old issues.

    Never going back, 16 years until death.


  • Heaven

    midnight, best wishes to you on your journey as well.

    We will still be here when it doesn't work out.

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